France! Day 7: Marché des Halles


Fresh is a theme in every dish here in France. And how much fresher can you get than buying from local farmer’s markets?! There’s produce, flower, goods, and general food markets here happening everyday in various locations around the city. 

Saturday = les Halles & Boulevard Béranger.

It’s important to note that you want to arrive early in the morning. These markets open up at around 6:30am and generally close before 2pm (Bd Béranger being an exception due to the regular traffic and flow of people that continually funnel through the area). 
This is the huge island that runs along Boulevard Béranger

The marché des Halles is one of the early ones. I’m not sure if you can see this clearly, but the photo on the left is when I arrived. On the right is just a few hours later, when the market ended and in its place, cars. 

Vendors sell fresh fruit, legumes, cheeses, breads, and meats. With so much to look at and the pace generally being very quick, I had to go around the entire place once slowly in order to take it all in. 

What’s good is that the prices (they weigh in kgs not lbs) are clearly marked. Win. :D I picked up some 3 tomatoes, a head of red lettuce, and a shallot (that the man gave to me for free! So nice of him). 

I decided to taste them all fresh, in a salad with some mushrooms. :)

Of course I've got some baguette in there as well! haha

Just a little further north east of les Halles is a really cool square full of food places/bars/brasseries called Place Plumereau. Like the shared outdoor patio at Place Grand Marché, Place Plume’s got the same thing. And it’s usually buzzing with lots of people. 
I attempted a pano shot but the right side got stretched. oops.

Even further east is Rue Nationale, where (all) the shopping happens. July, a month of sales in France makes this street very busy. Odd though…I didn't buy anything. I did expect to spend all my money on food so it's not too surprising I guess. :D

Main point of this blog, it’s definitely a good idea to take advantage of the markets! :D
They've even got live music sometimes! :D