France! Day 8: Awesomesauce Lunch Omelette!


Here’s a super quick post about food I actually cooked myself. Finally! Haha :D Everything’s fresh, not frozen or pre-packaged. This was a momentous and rare occasion where I did not use anything from a box or from my mini-freezer. Not gonna lie, I was rather proud of myself, but mostly, I was very excited to eat this meal!

An odd fear of mine are omelettes. Not the taste or eating of the omelette—that, I thoroughly enjoy :D—but the flipping of the omelette once it’s reached the crucial stage where the top side needs to be cooked to finish it all off. 

Just wanted to show you what went into the mixture: egg, red lettuce (from the market remember? :D), mushrooms, and chorizo. Very simple ingredients. 

To prep, it’s also very easy. Tear the red lettuce, dice the chorizo & mushrooms. Whisk egg, mix in everything else. 
Everything is mixed together and ready to get some heat!

Now onto the frying part and back to my fear. I’m always scared that it’ll break apart and it will be ruined! Guess what, that didn’t happen this time!  :D I made good use of my (one) plate to help flip the omelette and it worked oh so smoothly.
You'd laugh at how genuinely scared I was that my omelette would turn out poorly.

And so this is how it turned out! Looks rather tasty? 
Time to cut & eat! Reminds me a bit of a pizza. Do you see it?

It was! I love how bright it is. Such a great contrast to my dreary meals of late. One of the best things about it was that I could taste every ingredient and I didn’t even need to add salt or pepper (I don’t have either of those on hand) since the chorizo did the job. 

I’ll be whipping this up again soon. Very soon (and by that I mean that by the time this post will be up, I’ll have probably cooked one or two more omelettes like this for a meal). 

One omelette (yielded 8 wedges as picture above & below) filled me up nicely for lunch. Having it with a chunk of baguette was so satisfying. mmm...

4.5 out of 5 NOMs