France! Day 8: Croissant & Pain Chocolat

It’s time for the pastries that I picked up in the morning from Marché Rabelais! I’m still too intimidated by these colourful and fancy pastries to just pick them up…one day. One day I’ll just grab something on impulse. ;)

First off, the croissant: Looks-wise, it’s more like the croissant that we’re all used to. It doesn’t look like it’s got the hardness and “extra” flakey layers as the croissant from Hardouin Boulanger but once you hold it in your hand, you’ll notice just how light it is. Really, it’s like air. 

Upon tearing into the croissant, you can see the many layers of the pastry and the infinite bubbles in there as well. 

It lacked the fresh buttery aroma that the Hardouin croissant had but it was so fluffy and buttery in texture that I enjoyed it equally. It was just a different kind of yumminess. 

Next up: Pain Chocolat. Literally translated, it means "chocolate bread". That doesn't mean bread where there's been cocoa or melted chocolatemixed into the batter. Instead, there's chocolate that's been pipped into a croissant-style pastry. 
beautiful glaze on top of the pain chocolat :D

I always expect pain chocolat to be like the very first one I've ever had, that from Patachou (first visit & second visit) where the chocolate inside is semi-hard and deep with flavour. This one however, has a chocolate that's got a thick & creamy texture. 

To be honest, I'm not crazy about it. I mean the dark chocolate is great but I do prefer that solid piped chocolate...the pastry itself is great of course just like the croissant.  :)

4.5 out of 5 NOMs


  1. So WHAT IS the standard for pain chocolat then? might you try another one at another place and let us know? :)

  2. at la grignotine, it was soft as well.. hmm. Maybe patachou's different?

  3. Wow I realize this discussion goes back to visit #2 to Patachou. I googled the topic here and there but they generally do not say what the chocolat is supposed to be like. Perhaps you can investigate further into this and enlighten us!

  4. haha perhaps i shall. This can be considered a valid excuse to try more right? (yay!) :D