France! Day 8: Marché Rabelais


Sundays mean Marché Rabelais. Awesome because it’s only a 5-minute walk from where I’m living. With that in mind, I didn’t bring much with me other than the essentials…my camera being one of them.

There seems to be two kinds of way to do your shopping in markets. You can grab a plastic bag and pick your own produce or the vendor will pick it for you. The latter is usually more the vendor's preference. Don't worry though, they know how to pick the better fruits, veggies, and legumes! :D

This market is smaller than that of les Halles, but it’s still got a great selection.
So sweet potato in French is "Patate Douce". Soft potato?     Patate. haha Sounds funny.

Of course this selection includes cheeses, fresh meats, on top of the expected produce. 
Not surprised to see a lineup in front of each of these vans.

Check this out, they’ve even got rotisserie meats! :D highly enticing. 
Check out all that meat in the rotisserie!  It was odd to see the man bag the meat instead of putting it in a container.

I bought some veggies yesterday at Marché des Halles so I was just checking out Marché Rabelais merely for fun. I ended up bringing home a few yellow plums (that were so cheap!! 0,18€ for 5. The vendor gave them to me for only 0,10€ :D), a croissant, and a pain chocolat. 

The yellow plums are sweet! So fun too since they're quite small. The skin kinda killed it though with its bitterness. Booo

Excited for the pastries though. YAY!

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