France! Day 9: Green, White, Yellow


As usual, I’m a little clueless when it comes to dinner ideas. This is largely due to my slim selection of ingredients…I really try to only buy what I absolutely “need”.  Good thing I watched some Iron Chef episodes—because it made me hungry for real food!! :)
 DISCLAIMER: These "France!" dinner posts are purely for jokes. It's sad & funny at the same time how well I could be eating, considering I am in France...but my wallet really limits the possibilities for me haha

So here’s my attempt at something a little more well-balanced. In addition to red lettuce, a yellow plum and a white nectarine, I’ve got my milk, water and butter for…

Yeah, you guessed it! Mashed potatoes!! Where in the above description did I mention potatoes? Nowhere. Haven’t you heard? Mashed potatoes in a box is the “it” thing here in France. (I’m totally kidding…read about my first failed attempt here). Know that this time though, things turned out well! That’s because I added near copious amounts of butter & salt. ;D
The texture resemble real mash a lot more than the first attempt :D

I don’t remember what episode it was exactly of Iron Chef, but Mario Batali made “butter lettuce” so I tried the same. Of course he put a whole lot more than just butter and lettuce into his pan but that’s ok! Haha

Went on to sear my nectarine and yellow plum (yellow plum = bad idea since the skin got even more bitter). 
Imagine if it was on a grill! GAHHH Oh the sweet caramelized juices...

I had fried some beef for lunch earlier and reserved the “juices”. Reduced that and poured it overtop the caramelized fruits slices and mash. Tada! An interesting looking dinner! 
It was nice to have a bunch of different flavours and textures in one meal once again. I had crunchy, smooth, and soft—sweet, buttery, and slightly bitter.

Well that’s enough to satisfy my cravings for real food. For now at least. 
1,00€ for a kilogram of Prune Jaune (aka Yellow Plums)?! WIN!! :D

Oh, check this out! Card suits-shaped sugar “cubes”! My friend bought these for her tea, so cute. :D The diamond looks a little awkward but you get the gist of it.