France! Day 32: Poilâne


What? Poilâne for butter cookies!
Where? 38, rue Debelleyme (3e arr, mo Filles du Calvaire, Paris)
Price? 5€-10€
The skinny: A family business started in 1932, Poilâne is a bakery that’s now renowned for their miche or pain Poilâne (a 2kg sourdough) and Punitions (their butter cookies). Although it started out as a single location in the Saint-Germain des Près district, it has expanded to 4 shops and a restaurant at the Le Marais location.

This location of Poilâne also has a “Cuisine de Bar,” which is in a way a light eatery. 
We arrived at about 10 in the morning. Lucky us it wasn't busy! :D

France! Day 32: Le Relais de l'Hôtel de Ville


What? Le Relais de l’Hôtel de Ville for lunch (brasserie!)
Where? 50, rue de Rivoli (4e arr, mo Hôtel de Ville, Paris)
Price? 8€-15€
The skinny: Most brasseries are quite similar here in Paris. They usually all serve the usual fare, that being terrines, sandwiches, quiches, pizza, meats. Brasseries are cafés essentially but they offer dishes at a moderate price too. You’ll come to one to relax, sip on espresso, eat, and watch people walk by.

After being disappointed that Breizh Café is now closed for the month (yep, for vacation!) and that my parents didn’t feel like standing to eat falafel at L’As du Falafel, we wandered through the streets until we came here to Le Relais de l’Hôtel de Ville. 


France! Day 30: Confiserie Bachmann


What? Bachmann for gelato
Where? Scwanenplatz 7, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland
Price? 3.40 SF – 8.20 SF (SF = Swiss Franc)
The skinny: “Confiserie Bachmann” is a German bakery and chocolaterie with its roots dating back to 1931 when Anton Bachmann sold his bakery. Since then, it has gone through numerous expansions and development. Specialties include chocolate and confections.


France! Day 27: Robert & Louise, la deuxième fois


What? Robert & Louise for dinner
Where? 64, rue Vieille du Temple (3e arr, mo Rambuteau / Saint-Paul / Hôtel de Ville, Paris)
Price? 16€-30€
The skinny: Real French food. Cooked with integrity. No fancy garnishes. Unpretentious great for your taste buds bad for your thighs dishes. Its best ones being cooked over a fire. Mmmm.

This is my second time coming to Robert & Louise in 2 weeks (check out my first time here!). My parents arrived in Paris just yesterday and I figured, “what better way to introduce them to France than no-nonsense genuine French food?” :D Win. 


Guu Izakaya!


Brie Cheese!

What? Guu Izakaya for dinner
Where? 398 Church st (5 min walk from College station)
Price? $20-$40
The skinny: The “original” Guu is in Vancouver. This is the first location in Torontoand although it’s been open for 2 years, there are still line-ups for dinner service. Here you’ll get tapas-like dishes, Japanese style and great drinks for a rather reasonable price!


En route pour l'aéroport

NOTE: Sorry for being so MIA. I’ve been with limited internet the past few weeks. Slowly but surely, I will start posting again. First, here are some observations I’ve made: 

Panoramic view from Palais Garnier. A 3-minute walk from our apartment :D

After spending six weeks here in France, I'd like to think that on some level, I have an understanding of the lifestyle. Now I can't generalize & say that all French are like this (that'd be rather ignorant of me! D:) because I've only experienced two cities, and even between the two there are noticeable differences. 
Inside Le Louvre. The way these pieces are hung really caught my eye.