France! Day 27: Robert & Louise, la deuxième fois


What? Robert & Louise for dinner
Where? 64, rue Vieille du Temple (3e arr, mo Rambuteau / Saint-Paul / Hôtel de Ville, Paris)
Price? 16€-30€
The skinny: Real French food. Cooked with integrity. No fancy garnishes. Unpretentious great for your taste buds bad for your thighs dishes. Its best ones being cooked over a fire. Mmmm.

This is my second time coming to Robert & Louise in 2 weeks (check out my first time here!). My parents arrived in Paris just yesterday and I figured, “what better way to introduce them to France than no-nonsense genuine French food?” :D Win. 

We were seated downstairs at a round table. The atmosphere is very chill and relaxed. My parents were glad that they were able to dine comfortably...and not have to worry about the language barrier (I served as the translator haha). 
Some quirky decorations. Why not use a ladder as a rack for coat hangers?! :D

I remember we were sitting at our table and we looked over to this one. I know my mom wanted to move to this one so we can dine "privately" but I was curious to see as to who we'd sit with at our 5-person table.

After we placed our orders, two ladies came and sat with us. Of course the "Bonsoir!" and friendly smile was exchanged but we didn't end up chatting... :( I should've figured out that was because my mom doesn't know French and my dad isn't fluent. Darn. haha

We ordered the same dishes as my previous visit but instead of the escargots, we went with sautéed mushrooms. 

Terrine de foie gras de canard (avec un verre de vin blanc doux) (14€)
Translated, this is « foie gras with a glass of white sweet wine. » I love my foie gras! The aroma that wafts up when you bite into it is intoxicating. However, it wasn’t as creamy as last time. 
I cannot say no to foie gras. It's not the most humane dish to create...I know. But it's just so good!!

The brownish/orangey piece of toast in the photo on the right is toasted spiced bread and it is so YUMMY.

Côtes d’agneau (18) & Confit de canard (16)
Just a couple of pictures here. One of the lamb chops was huge compared to the others. So meaty and flavourful! Just as mouthwateringly good as last time. :) The duck confit was infused with flavour but as is its nature, it was a bit salty. Great crunch from the crisped skin. 

Pommes sautées
Sautéed potatoes were the side that came with the lamb chops. Yum. Cooked perfectly as you’ve got the crunch from being sautéed but it’s still tender to a point. No mushy potatoes here!

Fricassée de champignons (8€)
As an additional side, we ordered the sautéed mushrooms. I’m seeing a trned here…this restaurant knows heat and how best to use it. These were a mix of mushrooms. I got chanterelles, oyster mushrooms (there were some pretty meaty bits in the dish hence my guess) and some other varieties of wild mushrooms. In short, very earthy, stood up well to the strong flavours of the duck and lamb. 
I couldn't get the right white balance with this photo even after editing the colour to death. :(

Verdict: Another great dinner in France! Awesomesauce. Funny thing, my dad’s been a vegetarian for over 6 years now but here, he actually willingly chowed down on the meat. :D So if that can be any indication, it’s definitely worth coming here. 

WARNING: If you plan on visiting France and you are a vegetarian, please look up specific restaurants that serve vegetarian dishes. The French really enjoy their meat and so you won’t find vegetarian options as often as you would in North America.

4.5 out of 5 NOMs


  1. i see a tandem bike on the wall! so is your dad reconsidering vegetarianism altogether? or will he only make exceptions when on food excursions with you?

  2. Wow, everything looks great and love the decor =D So jealous of your stay there =P

  3. dar: no he was returned right back to vegetarianism the minute we landed in toronto haha But i think next time we go out to eat, it'll be much easier to convince him to try meat. :D

    kiki: it was so cute but homey at the same time! Yeah, i still hv to pinch myself when i think about my trip. haha