France! Day 30: Confiserie Bachmann


What? Bachmann for gelato
Where? Scwanenplatz 7, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland
Price? 3.40 SF – 8.20 SF (SF = Swiss Franc)
The skinny: “Confiserie Bachmann” is a German bakery and chocolaterie with its roots dating back to 1931 when Anton Bachmann sold his bakery. Since then, it has gone through numerous expansions and development. Specialties include chocolate and confections.

The next morning after our yummy dinner at Robert & Louise, we left for our 3-day tour of Switzerland. We went to Geneva, Luzern, Liechtenstein (small country nearby) and Zurich

Here, we went up the Swiss Alps. It’d be cool to say that we did the hike up 3000m but that didn’t happen. Haha No the tour included the fee for the series of 3 cable cars that brought us up. Being above the clouds, breathing the fresh air, it was unreal! 


Holy geez where did I see this wall of swiss chocolate bars?! In Luzern! Following our little trip to the Swiss Alps we ventured to the lakeside city of Luzern

So much chocolate! Taking the heat into account, we didn’t pick up any chocolate for fear of a melted disappointed. :( 

Truffles, chocolate galore.

Yes, this is a chocolate fountain...Oh how I wanted to grab some fruit and let it get drenched in the milk chocolate! But I had to control that urge seeing as no strawberries or pineapple slices magically appeared. haha 

I thought I’d show you a photo of the lake. We went on a little tour of the waterfront and the weather was perfect! Very warm but breezy. 


Confiserie Bachmann is a sweets wonderland and that seems to extend into the confection that Marie Antoinette made famous, le macaron. As appealing as they looked, we dropped by here for ice cream. What? It was so hot! 

This ice cream was supposed to be much more impressive. By impressive I mean the size of your head impressive. Unfortunately, the lady who scooped my mango ice cream had difficulty with the how solid it was. 

Yep. While everyone else’s “1 Boule” (single scoop) filled their waffle cone, mine looked like a sad baby scoop. :( Can you tell I was cheesed? Well we had planned to share this between the three of us. 

The cone was sort of fresh and crunchy. The mango ice cream was refreshing but nothing spectacular. <-- no worries, I’m making that observation objectively :) 

In the end, the ice cream did its job. We felt refreshed and satiated our sweet tooth. 

I didn't know this until I came back and did some research. August 1st is the Swiss National Holiday! Now it makes perfect sense that they show their national pride by donning the "augustweggen klein"--a small buttery Swiss bread that's slightly sweet--with the iconic cross from their flag and mini Swiss flags. Adorable! On the right is a "Ananas-Royal Torte, gross" (big royal pineapple torte). 

Last photo. Driving through Switzerland we saw so many mountains and hills where trees have been cleared to build houses. It looks really distinct and different from anything else I’ve ever seen. You can sort of see it in the background here. 

Verdict: I definitely regret not trying their confections and breads. This ice cream seems to be more of a product to appease the needs of tourists on hot summer days rather than a product that they’ve developed over the years.

Check ‘em out! http://www.confiserie.ch/

2.5 out of 5 NOMs


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