New York City!

New York City. One of the top “it” destinations in the U.S., in the world even! 
NYC cabbies (and drivers here in general): aggressive.
The last time I came, I was nine and only vague memories come to me such as the ferry to Staten Island, standing outside the closed gates of the U.N. and my dad scoffing at the bok choy in Chinatown.


Shamrock Burgers


What? Shamrock burgers for lunch!
Where? 6109 Kingston Rd. (Scarborough, bus 86 from Kennedy or 38 from stc)
Price? $5-$12
The skinny: Although it resembles one of those new, hip burger joints, Shamrock Burgers has actually been around for over 30 years! Known for their homemade burgers & onion rings, you can make your way here to take on the challenge of “The Monster Sham” burger.

One day, I realized that I had never taken the time to really discover Scarborough for all the restaurants it has to offer! So I asked around, researched, and came up with a shortlist of neighbourhood haunts to hit up in the future. As luck would have it, there was wagjag deal for Shamrock Burgers, $5 for $10 of food. Sweet!

Spiced Carrot Cake

I’m not entirely sure what enticed me to bake tonight but I’m sure it all started with a craving for something sweet. 


Failed almond milk dessert

I want to say that it was a good idea…and still is. It was the execution that failed. One day I had the bright idea of trying to make almond milk custard. Almond milk is normally made from ground almonds but I decided rather to make an almond-infused milk. 




What? Lucien for dinner
Where? 39 Wellington st. e (3 min walk from King station)
Price? $35-$70
The skinny: Lucien has been open for just 3 years but is already a well-established restaurant in the business district near St. Lawrence Market. Although the name is French, the cuisine doesn’t strictly follow that, as there’s a focus on seasonal and local ingredients on top of a French and Asian influence.

As a student, I’m always on the prowl for deals that will save me some money. As a foodie, it’s inevitable that I’ll find myself splurging occasionally no matter how hard I try to keep the pressure off my already tiny wallet. Dilemma!! D:

So imagine my delight when I find a groupon deal for Lucien where you get $60 worth of food/drink for $30. Oh yes. What better time than now to use my credit card?! 


Ginza Sushi!


What? Ginza Sushi & Thai for dinner
Where? 652 Finch ave E (take the 39 bus from Finch station, map it!)
Price? $10-$20
The skinny: Ginza sushi is essentially a sushi restaurant with a recently added (although limited) Thai section in their menu. The chain has now expanded to 4 locations around Toronto and is known for relatively cheap sushi. They tout to have the “freshest sushi and ingredients”…
This is my second time coming to this location. I don’t come with the expectation of having my mind blown but instead to quench a sushi craving on the cheap.


Chocolate Almond Kisses


I was haphazardly flipping through the tv guide section in one of those free, weekly magazines, picking out shows that I’d watch if I had a tv when I chanced upon this title “The pie queen.” 

It was an interview/short article on Wanda Beaver of Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. In addition to sharing her humble beginnings, she has also shared her recipe for her Chocolate Almond Kisses. :D You can bet I saved that page!


France! Day 40: Paul


What? Boulangeries Paul for pastries
Where? 25, avenue Opéra (1er arr., mo Opéra/Pyramides, Paris)
Price? 1€-8€
The skinny: Founded in 1889, PAUL started out as a family-run bakery (or “boulangerie”) in Lille. Now, there are over 330 boulangeries patisseries PAUL serving over 5 million customers every month in France alone! Come here for breads (“viennoiseries”) and other baked goodies! :D


France! Day 40: J’Go


Pain Perdu d'Huguettes
What? J’Go (Saint Germain )for pain perdu
Where? 3 rue Clément (6e arr., mO Mabillon ou Odéon, Paris)
Price? 7€ - 23€ (for lunch)
The skinny: J’Go is a restaurant where the freshness and “innocence” of food from Gascony is perpetuated. Think the aromas coming from your momma’s kitchen, picking fresh vegetables from your own garden, the regionality of food. This Toulouse-based restaurant celebrates that with two locations in Toulouse and two more in Paris.


France! Day 40: Georges Larnicol


What's this?
What? Georges Larnicol for sweets
Where? 132 Boulevard Saint-Germain (6e arr., mo Odéon, Paris)
Price? 1€-10€
The skinny: French chocolatier Georges Larnicol has locations of his pastry/chocolate shop all over France. In Paris, there are two and they're very popular. Known for his whimsical chocolate creations, Larnicol is a wonderland for kouign amann & macaron lovers too. The man has definitely made a name for himself.

France! Day 39: Pozzetto à emporter!


What? Pozzetto caffè et gelato for gelato!
Where? 39 rue du Roi de Sicile (4e arr., mo Saint-Paul, Paris)
Price? 3,50€
The skinny: The art & tradition of brewing the perfect espresso as well as churning out the creamiest gelato has been imported from Italy (specifically Torino as the napkins tell us) to this cute café in  


France! Day 39: Comme à Lisbonne


What? Comme à Lisbonne for Portuguese egg tarts!
Where? 37, rue du Roi de Sicile (4e arr., mO Saint-Paul, Paris)
Price? 2€
The skinny: In Paris? Craving that oh so flakey creamy pastry that is the Portuguese egg tart? Well you’ve got 2 choices. There is the well-established Pasteleria Belem in the 17e arr or Comme à Lisbonne in the 4e which is much newer but already has a solid reputation. 


France! Day 37: Gaffel am Dom in Cologne, Germany


What? Gaffel am Dom for lunch
Where? 50667 Cologne (in the historical district)
Price? 5€-18€
The skinny: This brewhouse and pub is very welcoming. Great for business meetings, the casual lunch or the huge group (like we were), Gaffel am Dom serves up traditional German fare paired with thirst-quenching beer. What’s not to love? (or at least be intrigued by? :D)

My dad informs me the other day that for our lunch in Cologne, Germany, we have the choice of eating with everyone on our tour or scouting out restaurants on our own. At first, I’m very skeptical about going out with the group but am won over when my dad mentions that we’ll be eating legit German food. Bring it on!!

France! Day 36: Mannekin Pis in Amsterdam


What? Mannekin Pis for vlaamse frites
Where? Damrak 41 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Price? 2,60€ - 4,50€ (sauce not included)
The skinny: Fries are very popular in the Netherlands & Belgium. Perhaps obsessively popular? They're served everywhere! Translated, “vlaamse frites” means “Flemish fries”, giving homage to where they were “invented”, in Flandres, Belgium. This place claims to have “Holland’s no.1 fries,” but who knows until you try!


France! Day 36: Amsterdam, Holland


You may be wondering why my posts still begin with “France!” even though it doesn’t take place there. Well, France was kind of my “home base” as my parents and I toured through a few countries in Europe. To make it all easier to categorize, I’m clumping all my adventures into one big group. 
The black & red stone is Canada's!
 First stop in Holland: the World Peace Flame in The Hague. In 2004, every independent country in the world contributed a stone significant to their nation to this monument, thus forming the peace pathway, a symbol of solidarity and unity in the search for peace. Amazing!


France! Day 35: Brussels


Here we are in Brussels, Belgium! :D After being dropped off, we had a little under 2 hours to walk around and check out the little shops. 
Small Belgium flags hanging everywhere!