Failed almond milk dessert

I want to say that it was a good idea…and still is. It was the execution that failed. One day I had the bright idea of trying to make almond milk custard. Almond milk is normally made from ground almonds but I decided rather to make an almond-infused milk. 

As I was baking a carrot spiced cake that night already, I decided I’d try to overlap the two by toasting the almonds in the oven while the cake baked. Bad idea to use whole almonds, skin-on, because that burnt and consequently gave my dessert. Next time, a quick 10-min trip to the oven should be sufficient. 

Next, I gathered what ingredients I think I needed: gelatin, cold water, milk, sugar, and the toasted almonds.  

Warmed the milk in a saucepan. Whisked in the sugar and when it started to boil, I added the toasted almonds. After about 15 min of simmering, I removed the almonds to grind them. 

Up until now, everything was okay because the burnt skin hadn’t quite flavoured the milk yet. The problem came when I removed the skin (whatever I could since it didn’t come off easily and took me about 45 min…ugh. I swear, blanched almonds next time!) and grinded the almonds. There was of course skin remnants still on most of them and when I reintroduced it to the milk mixture, that’s when it died. 

At this point I figured, this has already gobbled up over an hour of my time, I might as well finish it, just for experience-sake. 

About 2 tsp of unflavoured gelatin powder was dissolved in cold water. This was stirred into the almond milk, poured into ramekins, and finally it was off to chill and set in the fridge. 

I tried it the next morning. Let’s just say I know exactly where I went wrong and what to change for next time. The ground almond bits sunk to the bottom so the bitter taste wasn’t so bad…still bad enough for major disappointment on my part haha.

1 out of 5 NOMs


  1. Try blending raw almonds with the milk, letting it sit for a bit, then straining it for next time :)

  2. for sure. Thanks for the advice!! :D

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