France! Day 36: Mannekin Pis in Amsterdam


What? Mannekin Pis for vlaamse frites
Where? Damrak 41 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Price? 2,60€ - 4,50€ (sauce not included)
The skinny: Fries are very popular in the Netherlands & Belgium. Perhaps obsessively popular? They're served everywhere! Translated, “vlaamse frites” means “Flemish fries”, giving homage to where they were “invented”, in Flandres, Belgium. This place claims to have “Holland’s no.1 fries,” but who knows until you try!

In my last post, I mentioned dinner at McD’s. Well that was the second, very unfancy half of our dinner. Having these artery-clogging, yummy fries were the first. :D

It’s my first time in Amsterdam so it was no surprise that I’m staring at everything, distracted by the anything that looks remotely interesting. Let’s just say that upon returning home, there were a bunch of random photos to delete. 
Some cool artwork on the left that transformed a plain construction paritition into something worth looking at!

As we were slowly making our way to the canal for our boat tour, we past by this: 
Odd eh?! Reminded me of seagulls perched on the electric wires that run above us everywhere. Each of these men were holding some sort of paper cone, which I later found out held beautiful, thick, golden fries. MMM.

The boat tour was really cool! It was about an hour and we meandered through a big portion of the city using the system of canals. There are bridges everywhere! In the photo on the right, it’s hard to see but at this specific vantage point, you can see straight through 9 bridges. :D

Now what one of my best friends told me years ago makes sense! She was recounting Christmas back in Eindhoven (in Netherlands) and mentioned her tank of a mom who brought home the Christmas on her bike. This (left) is a bike parking garage and there must’ve been at least a thousand bikes there! 
There are bikes everywhere!

Onto dinner time! My parents and I were famished by the time evening rolled in. We wandered down the street after being dropped off and on our way to try those cool fries-in-a-cone, I saw this. This looks like cheesy bread to the next level!

He was super nice about being photographed. :D

Here we are finally, Mannekin Pis. Translated, it means “little man pee” in Dutch. There are several legends about this little guy but the one I heard goes something like this: a few hundred years ago, Brussels was under siege. When explosives were placed at the city walls, this fella saw and by peeing on it, defused the bombs and saved the city. A hero like this deserves just recognition and so there’s now a fountain in Brussels near the old square where city hall is, with a small statue of Mannekin Pis, peeing into it. His clothes are changed everyday with costumes gifted by dignitaries from other countries. 

It's worth the 5-10 minute wait :D

Have I sufficiently lapped your appetite? Haha sorry. Knowing we wouldn’t just stuff ourselves with fries, my parents and I ordered a medium and topped it with mayo. There’s even little circles cut out of the table for you to insert your cone in to make it easier to eat!

These fries were amazing! So warm, thick, creamy, crunchy and tender all at the same time! It did get messy when we reached the bottom half; our short little skewers didn’t do the job but that’s all part of the experience! :D

There are 22 sauces that are available. That’s great, but being my first time, I didn’t want to be overzealous, hence the classic mayo. They’ve got topping combos like “special chips”: fries w/ mayo, curry and onions & “the war fries”: fries w/ mayo, onion, and peanut sauce. They sound really interesting and had I known at the time that there was something like that, I’d have gotten a small of one of those. I’ve never had peanut sauce or curry with fries!! Next time. 

Verdict: Sure I’ve only had vlaamse fries once so I can’t judge whether or not these are “the best”. However, they’re good enough for me to be salivating right now as I type and that’s a pretty good indicator that I enjoyed them immensely. Best fries I’ve ever had.Can they open one in Canada (preferably Toronto) please??

P.S. There are four locations!

5 out of 5 NOMS