France! Day 36: Amsterdam, Holland


You may be wondering why my posts still begin with “France!” even though it doesn’t take place there. Well, France was kind of my “home base” as my parents and I toured through a few countries in Europe. To make it all easier to categorize, I’m clumping all my adventures into one big group. 
The black & red stone is Canada's!
 First stop in Holland: the World Peace Flame in The Hague. In 2004, every independent country in the world contributed a stone significant to their nation to this monument, thus forming the peace pathway, a symbol of solidarity and unity in the search for peace. Amazing!

Holland is universally known for several things: clogs, windmills, tulips and the colour orange. We got a demonstration from this man showing us in very quickly in a minute how clogs are made. He was insanely fast! The wood is fresh and so moist that when he blew into the hole (where your foot would normally go), water sprayed out. Oh yeah, my jaw dropped.

Here’s a mini cheese-making plant. Although it is fully functional, it’s mainly for display purposes only, to show foreigners like me, how it’s done. :D The next room over was the shop, with lots of samples. Let me tell you, smoked goat’s cheese, phenomenal! 

Here is the quintessential windmill-farm-cow-great-looking sky photo. 

Oh mama. As we were on our way to Coster diamonds (one of the oldest diamond-polishing factories still in operation in Amsterdam. They’ve handled the crown jewels!), we passed by this ad. Not knowing what half of the words say, the picture was all I needed. I’m getting fat tonight. 

The double dutch burger looked so good!! It’s not too pricey plus you get to enjoy it outside, in the beautiful sun in the park! Too bad we only had 10 min to stroll the grounds. :(

After taking a boat tour of the canals, it was finally dinnertime. As we drove to the drop-off point, I noticed we passed by about 5 H&M stores, where 99% of my clothes come from haha. They’re starting to have this new section that sells home stuff like linens, towels, pillowcases etc. 

I forgot to take a photo of the sign but outside, there were some “specials” including a 2€ filet-o-fish and a 0,5€ cone. :D Don’t worry, this isn’t all that we ate, I’ll post up the other half of our dinner later. ;)

Of course we ended our meal with a cone! I was itching to try their mango passionfruit smoothie but it was kind of expensive…oh well. In the end, I got what I wanted, an international McD's experience. :D