France! Day 39: Comme à Lisbonne


What? Comme à Lisbonne for Portuguese egg tarts!
Where? 37, rue du Roi de Sicile (4e arr., mO Saint-Paul, Paris)
Price? 2€
The skinny: In Paris? Craving that oh so flakey creamy pastry that is the Portuguese egg tart? Well you’ve got 2 choices. There is the well-established Pasteleria Belem in the 17e arr or Comme à Lisbonne in the 4e which is much newer but already has a solid reputation. 

Believe me, I’ve had amazing Portuguese egg tarts (or custard tarts if you call them that). Being Chinese, egg-based desserts are unavoidable so no doubt I’ve had my fair share of Chinese egg tarts. The Portuguese variety? Well my first time having that was in Macau, and lemme tell you, it was mindblowingly good. 
Portuguese egg tarts from Lord Stow's for around 7MOP each  (<-- that's roughly 86 cents in CAD)

So it was kind of embarrassing that only after being in France for a month did I remember that this is as close to Portugal that I’ll physically get for a long time! That meant finding a Portuguese-run eatery that sells egg tarts fast. 

I thought the decoration of swallows tied into the logo of the shop is very chic. Although I forgot now, I faintly remember reading up on this and the swallow is somehow relatable to Portuguese culture...someone help me out here please?!

This place is tiny but clean and welcoming. The tarts are displayed right in front so there’s no way you can miss this place. :D 

At a whopping 2€ each, my parents decided to only get 2 to split between the three of us. Even though they’re very pricey, they were so worth it! Compared to the ones I’ve had at Lord Stow’s in Macau, these ones weren’t broiled as long so they lacked that caramelized flavour and smell that’s almost characteristic of Lord Stow’s. 
Check out those layers!!

However, the custard was so fresh and creamy, that was amazing. It was one of the singular best egg-based desserts I’ve had now to date. The pastry is flakey, not dry nor greasy; just perfect. As you bite into it, you first get this bright crack before you hit every layer of pastry, and then the custard hits you! :D Definitely not thick like Lord Stow’s. 

Verdict: Although not in Portugal, this is as legit as my Portuguese egg tart experience will get, (at least for a long while). I’m salivating just thinking about it. Compared to my attempt (which I thought were decent although it seems like such a failure now haha) and to those at Lord Stow’s, this was a unexpected difference, albeit a very pleasant one. Worth the trip.

5 out of 5 NOMs