France! Day 39: Pozzetto à emporter!


What? Pozzetto caffè et gelato for gelato!
Where? 39 rue du Roi de Sicile (4e arr., mo Saint-Paul, Paris)
Price? 3,50€
The skinny: The art & tradition of brewing the perfect espresso as well as churning out the creamiest gelato has been imported from Italy (specifically Torino as the napkins tell us) to this cute café in  

Ici sont deux édifices qui sont très importants à l’histoire de Paris, et de la France. À gauche on a l’arrière des Invalides, où se trouve le tombeau de Napoléan. Puis à droite, c’est le basilisque Sacré Cœur.  

Après avoir goûté les tartes portugaise de Comme à Lisbonne, mes parents et moi, nous nous sommes rendus à Pozzetto, quelques pas à l’ouest (and I mean a few steps as in a 5 sec walk). C’est ma deuxième fois ici mais cette fois (voici ma 1ère fois!), je suis allée avec mes parents et nous avons fait le choix intelligent de commander le gelato à la fenêtre au lieu de s’asseoir dans le café comme la dernière fois. 
(Quick translation: This is my second time here, but this time I came with my parents and we ordered at the window rather than sitting down to eat.)

Comme ça, le gelato est beaucoup moins cher (à peu près 3,50€). We got a medium cup. No limit on the number of flavours yay! Even without this limit, I didn’t go crazy and try everything or else I’d only have a little taste.

Instead, we ordered 3 flavours: Gianduia Torinese (Torinese hazelnut), Pistacchio du Roi de Sicile (Sicilian pistachio), and Fior di latte (“Fleur de lait”, milk). The lady packed so much gelato into this tiny cup. And each flavour was divine! My mom, who usually isn’t a fan of sweets or anything cold was raving about the pistachio! The hazelnut was just pure in-your-face roasted hazelnut flavour, nothing fake there. 
They don't display the different flavours. Instead, the gelato is always covered to keep the flavour pure.

And finally the milk, now supposedly it’s traditionally combined with other “parfums” (flavours) in Italy. On its own you really get the freshness and wholesomeness of milk. But I found that with the other flavours around, the milk gelato’s richness (not as smooth as the others though) was overshadowed. It did serve as a great palette cleanser when alternating between the pistachio and hazelnut gelatos—doubt that’s its purpose though…

Verdict: It was a great experience to be able to try gelato “straight” from Italy. I’ve had great gelato in Toronto and Québec, but frankly, they pale in comparison to the real deal. They do it simple and they do it right.

Check ‘em out! http://www.pozzetto.biz/

5 out of 5 NOMs