France! Day 40: J’Go


Pain Perdu d'Huguettes
What? J’Go (Saint Germain )for pain perdu
Where? 3 rue Clément (6e arr., mO Mabillon ou Odéon, Paris)
Price? 7€ - 23€ (for lunch)
The skinny: J’Go is a restaurant where the freshness and “innocence” of food from Gascony is perpetuated. Think the aromas coming from your momma’s kitchen, picking fresh vegetables from your own garden, the regionality of food. This Toulouse-based restaurant celebrates that with two locations in Toulouse and two more in Paris.

The J’Go my parents and I went to is located at the Marché Saint-Germain whose GAP store is the first that I’ve seen in France. J'Go is pronounced "gigot" in French, which means "leg of lamb" but like a popular Franglicism most of us have seen before (J'm --> j'aime --> "I love"), this too is one, meaning "I go". Cute.

Just one street over from the busy Boulevard Saint-Germain, the atmosphere is completely different! We came here on a Thursday afternoon and it was relaxed and tranquil. 

The interior is very welcoming and well-designed, (in French, “bien conçu”) but the warmth and slight breeze were too much to resist so we sat outside.

Aahh. Yes. This is the example that I had provided when I mentioned the power of being polite. Our one intention of coming was not for lunch—even though it was lunchtime—but for the pain perdu. Our waitress was somewhat cold after hearing that we only wanted dessert but after smiles and more “merci” (thank you’s) and compliments than necessary, she warmed up to us. 
The summer menu. They've also got daily menus too.

Pain Perdu d’Huguettes (7€)
Deceiving. I think that’s the best way to describe this dessert. It’s deceivingly delicious. Deceivingly filling. And deceivingly so worth the 7€ aka almost $10 CDN that it costs. 

When I answered my parents that we would be coming here for “French toast,” my dad scowled at me and my mom asked me if I was joking. I can’t blame them though, they’re not huge fans of “Canadian French toast” and my dad prefers Hong Kong-style French toast. But oh were they surprised! 
Although soaked in the custard batter, the bread isn't gloppy but instead has retained its spring!

This “pain perdu”, translated to “lost bread”, is amazing. Using crustless bread, it’s drenched in custard (there’s real vanilla bean in there, just check out the tiny black dots in the photo on the right!) then fried in a pan. Of course in the hot pan is a happy amount of butter. 
(left) Check out the crusty top formed form the caramelized sugar!

A crunchy crust forms where the sugar has caramelized. Wow it’s so yummy. Top 5 desserts I’ve ever had, no joke. 

I saw on the map a garden just a 3-min walk away. And by garden I mean le Palais Luxembourg and its grounds that span 25-hectares, le Jardin de Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Palace was originally built for Marie de Médicis, the mother of King Louis XIII of France but is now the seat of the French Senate. 

How beautiful is it? And on such a great sunny day like that day, it was filled with Parisians (it’s on the doorstep of la Sorbonne, the oldest university in Paris). My parents and I wanted to just sit there and take it all in!

Verdict: I can’t quite judge the restaurant since I’ve only had one item from there. The pain perdu was phenomenal though and being one of the best desserts I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot thanks to my sweet tooth), there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be coming back

5 out of 5 NOMs



  1. so what does your dad prefer now -- the french toast in hk or from J'Go?