New York City!

New York City. One of the top “it” destinations in the U.S., in the world even! 
NYC cabbies (and drivers here in general): aggressive.
The last time I came, I was nine and only vague memories come to me such as the ferry to Staten Island, standing outside the closed gates of the U.N. and my dad scoffing at the bok choy in Chinatown.

A lot has changed in 10 years and like Toronto, NYC has such a wealth of restaurants (a veritable food mecca) and diverse cultural identity. So when my good friend Darian proposed a road trip to the big apple for the sole purpose of food, I was more than down to go. :D
There it is, the Manhattan skyline (well, some of it at least!)

After a few months of planning and research (oh those videos were mouth-watering), our group of four set out, on early (we’re talking 4am early) mid-August in our rented sedan for food adventures galore. 
The gang: Christian, Darian, Elyn. We had a lot of fun together and bonded...and learned some interesting things. haha

Similar to my “France!” posts, any posts bearing the “NYC!” in the title refers to the food adventures during the 5-day trip. 
Amazing cakes we saw at Eataly.

Everyday was spent on the road, walking or taking the train to get to various restaurants and food places. However, we did get some sight-seeing done as well! Sort of.

Central Park was a must. I had no idea it was so big! It’s a gigantic park that’s right in the middle of Manhattan

One day we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge…to get to Jacques Torres on the other side but that’s beside the point! ;) 
Across the East River from Manhattan (the skyline), there's Brooklyn.

Although we never made it to the Statue of Liberty, or Tom’s Restaurant, or the Rockefeller Centre, we did see Times Square! It was as busy as I thought it would be and my eyes went from panel to panel, there’s so much to look at! haha

It was a fantastic food road trip. We all ate so much those few days, seen a lot, and learned some things too. I wouldn’t mind a weekend trip somewhere post-finals in December. 
So many varieties of pears!