Shamrock Burgers


What? Shamrock burgers for lunch!
Where? 6109 Kingston Rd. (Scarborough, bus 86 from Kennedy or 38 from stc)
Price? $5-$12
The skinny: Although it resembles one of those new, hip burger joints, Shamrock Burgers has actually been around for over 30 years! Known for their homemade burgers & onion rings, you can make your way here to take on the challenge of “The Monster Sham” burger.

One day, I realized that I had never taken the time to really discover Scarborough for all the restaurants it has to offer! So I asked around, researched, and came up with a shortlist of neighbourhood haunts to hit up in the future. As luck would have it, there was wagjag deal for Shamrock Burgers, $5 for $10 of food. Sweet!

And to make it even better, it’s less than a 5 min bus ride from campus. :D I could probably jog there if I really wanted…not today though haha. Not too sure where to get off the bus, we almost missed it. Good thing my friend spotted it right before the bus doors closed!

Inside, the décor revolves around a “rock ‘n’ roll” mixed with Irish theme.

It took my friends and I awhile to decide what to get. I went for the Classic Rock combo with onion rings and a strawberry milkshake. They have a decent amount of toppings to choose from that I regret not taking full advantage of! Meh. 

My total, including the extra $2.50 for the shake and $0.29 for the onion rings came up to a little over $11. With the deal, I only had to pay $1.60! Definitely happy about that. 

The space isn’t big but there’s still stuff to look at. For example, this old-school video game machine! It costs only 25 cents to play! And the really great looking wall design. Awesome. 
On the man's tuque, it says, "Kiss me, I'm Irish." :D

I notice that the condiments section resembles very closely a certain fast-food chain…The bread is bought from a local source (B&A Bakery, a 10 min drive) which is a great way to promote the area. 

The burgers and onion rings were made fresh to order so everything was at its peak goodness. :D The fries were nice, golden and crispy! They weren’t oily or greasy at all. 

I was shocked at the size and appearance of the onion rings. They were huge and dry-looking…not very appetizing compared to my friends matchstick fries. 

I can appreciate that they’re homemade and all but the batter reminds me of Chinese fried doughnuts in a bad way. Way too doughy, chewy, and highly-lacking in the beautifully aromatic fried onion flavour. Save your 29 cents and stick with the fries!


The burger looked pretty juicy. The strawberry milkshake? YES. The last time I had a milkshake was when I was 12 and I thought that experience turned me off of shakes for good. It was too sweet…disgusting even. This milkshake had the right balance of creaminess and sweetness. I believe in milk blended with ice cream again. :)

The Classic Rock burger is the most basic one. Mainly, it’s the patty that varies and this one’s got a 4 oz. patty. The toppings (bacon, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, fried onions, and pickles) were great because you could taste the freshness. 
But the sauces (mustard, mayo, ketchup) were what nearly killed the burger for me. Too much mustard and mayo started to drown out the flavour of the burger. :(  Next time I’m asking for only ketchup and a squeeze of mayo.

Verdict: Fresh, great service, on the cheap end (<$10 for a combo), local, and tasty. This place (2 locations) has got good things going for them; with the exception of the underwhelming onion rings.

3.5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. Great post, Carmen :) I love burgers and when I go one day I will remember what you said about the onion rings and condiments!

  2. thanks Stella! yep. for sure the fries are the better choice :D

  3. Thank you so much for the review. We at Shamrock Burgers appreciate any feedback. Also we love those photos. They totally rock.

    For anyone that comes by with a huge appetite we suggest taking on the MONSTERSHAM CHALLENGE. Its a two 10oz burger, with cheese on a kaiser bun. Your choice of toppings. Plus if you eat the whole thing we will give you a $5 gift card. Check out the details here.. http://bit.ly/monstersham

    Anyways thanks again for the review and keep up the good work.