Jacques Torres Chocolates


What? Jacques Torres for frozen hot chocolate!
Where? 66 Water st (Brooklyn, New York)
Price? $2.20-$5
The skinny: This is the first Jacques Torres location, at DUMBO—Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. There’s a little chocolate “factory” to one side where you can see all the action happen. Other than that, what do you get? Oh, well I don’t know a store full of chocolate!

Picking up from where I left off after lunch at Katz’s, we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to continue our NYC adventures with this following stop for “refreshment” at Jacques Torres. I thought this was pretty cool, a crocheted bike! 

Oh yay! Someone who shares my sentiment. I like Jacques Torres already. :D 

On the front door there’s the iconic orange font. Inside to your right is where the magic happens. Too bad there wasn’t someone in during the time we were there. 

So there’s a plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies in front of me…let’s just say it took self control and a self-reminder that I’m already very very full to prevent me from picking up a few to munch on. A.M. Quickie? Who wouldn’t love to wake up to chocolate!?

Nut and chocolate usually means a big YES. But once again, very full. 

Here’s their drinks menu written on the huge mirror hanging behind the counter. We’re here for one thing so as many chocolate goodies as there are, we gotta be tunnel-visioned and go only for the frozen hot chocolate—which is perfectly fine with me. 

So we decided to try two kinds: the Wicked Frozen Hot Chocolate & the Caramel Frozen Hot Chocolate. The former has some chili in it, hence the heat. It was alright…not to my taste because I was expecting it to be a sweet drink and less—cocoa? 
French-style marble bistro tables. Great for people watching? haha

As for the Caramel version, it was slightly better but it was still much thicker and bittersweet than I thought. 

Here’s a peek at the Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO.  Aww I still think that acronym's so cute! haha I always see a picture of the cute Disney elephant in my mind! :D

Curious at what Jacques Torres looks like inside? Well here it is! Chocolate. Chocolate. And oooh more chocolate! 

Verdict? Although the frozen hot chocolate didn’t float my boat I know there’s still so much more to try from here. Chocolate chip cookie I’m coming back for you! That’s all. :D

Check 'em out! http://www.mrchocolate.com/

3 out of 5 NOMs

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