Johnny’s Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers


What? Johnny’s for hamburgers!
Where? 2595 Victoria Park ave (190 / 85 bus from Don Mills station, Scarborough)
Price? $3.05-$7
The skinny: This burger joint has been around for a long time and has appeared on Wayne’s World as “Stan Mikita’s Donuts”. At this local landmark, you’ll find here one of Toronto’s best charbroiled burgers and for cheap (real cheap) too! They’re notorious for refusing to put lettuce in your burger haha. A place with real personality, awesome.

Although I grew up in North York and regularly passed by Johnny’s, I never had it until I was in gr.4 and my neighbour brought over two parcels the size of my face. They were Johnny’s hamburgers for my brother and I. I had it for dinner…I remember sitting in my room thinking. “Mmm, that was so good. I’m full.” Yeah, very sophisticated vocab. ;) 
Yes, they're open late on weekends! :D

So now, 10 years later, I’ve returned for a legit taste of these burgers I’ve been mildly deprived of my whole childhood. My dad was very sketched out by the bright orange exterior; don’t be like him! Haha Venture inside and order some grub. Seeing as it was lunchtime, I go for the “Lunch Combo Special”: a hamburger, fries and a large soft drink (think “small” from mcd’s) for $5.24. 

Locals normally order and eat outside at the iconic lone picnic table (which is nowhere to be found! :( ) or in their cars. My friend and I sat on the bench that spans the entire eatery. The setup toppings station is not unlike the one at Shamrock Burgers. So similar. On the right, waiting for my wooden plaque number to be called. :D

There it is. Served in a no frills, plain cardboard box, my lunch. Smells great. Wow, the burger still looks big but not the giant monstrosity I remember from my childhood. :) Time to dig in!
Soda Water? Do they mean Sprite? haha

The fries are so crispy! YUM. I love crispy fries and limp fries as well but nothing in between. These were crackin and fresh. I would come back just for the fries. The freshness and initial crispiness is similar to the Vlassme fries I had in Amsterdam, but thinner. 

Now for the much raved about charbroiled hamburger! (supposedly the cheeseburger here is top notch as well.) Alright. First thought: not crazy about the appearance of that patty but I’m digging the toasted white bun and the fresh toppings that aren’t covered in goop (or sauce…whatever you want to call it haha). 

First bite: “Mmm, that’s so good” (I laugh because when it comes to first impressions of food, I’m such a cavewoman! Same thought as 10 years ago…original). Once you get past the unattractive patty, you can fully enjoy the flavour that comes from something cooked over a flame; the smokiness. 

Having finished the burger, I could feel itis hitting me really soon. The were still fries left but no way was I going to toss them! Good thing they came in a cardboard box…that closes! :D 

Verdict? I'm sold. There’s a reason why the guys at Johnny’s refused a buyout from the condo developers. It’s popularity and reputation are solid. For such a low price (they did raise the price of the hamburger from $2.65 to $3.05 but that’s still cheap) you get really good grub. So what’s not to like? I have a strong feeling that I’m coming back really soon.

5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. Every time I pass this, I keep telling myself I'll try it one day. I'll try not to be sketched out by the exterior and actually go in next time! =)

  2. yep. it's worth the little detour! :D ps there's still condo construction going on so the fences are for that and not johnny's.

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