NYC! Day 1: Max & Mina’s Ice Cream


What? Max & Mina’s for dessert
Where? 7126 Main st. (Queens, New York)
Price? $3.25-$7.50
The skinny: Max & Mina’s is a gourmet ice cream shop that all started with Grandpa Max experimenting with different flavours back in the 1970’s. Brothers Bruce and Mark Becker have set up shop in Queens and are known far and wide for their wacky flavours like lox, beer, and wasabi.

After a great dinner at Sik Gaek, the time had now come for dessert! Next up on our list is Max & Mina’s, which lucky for us is only about a 10 min drive away. We had watched the videos online about this ice cream shop so we knew what to expect—unexpected flavours! Here's a video from youtube about Max & Mina's! :D

When we arrived, it was just us in the shop. The walls were covered with old signs, plaques, framed newspaper clippings; of course the 40 odd flavours available—which is an incredible amount if you ask me! 
There are even photos on the ceiling!

They guys were so nice and welcoming. We were encouraged to sample different flavours and after we had chosen a couple ourselves, one of the guys went “now my turn.” And he scooped a whole bunch of samples for us! :D 
Boxes and boxes of ice cream.

I’m horrible with making decisions when it comes to food, dessert especially. So no surprise, everyone had ordered and I was still standing there staring at all the flavour placards. Finally I settled on a “Single Scoop” of strawberry peach and nutella. 

Single Scoop ($3.25)
As he explained, (I feel horrible for not knowing the guy’s name…he was guy in the video we watched too! eek.) a “single scoop” is one scoop and another half scoop. Sweet! I had decided early on that I'd get one scoop of Strawberry Peach (one of the “special flavours”) and was debating on the half scoop. He suggested Nutella so I went for it. 
Look at the texture, it's absolutely perfect!

I was a veritable kid. Nearly comparable to the first time you get ice cream from an ice cream truck and it just so happens that it’s a really hot summer day. The satisfaction was all there haha. The ice cream was rich, creamy, and the flavours were real. The Nutella was thicker than the strawberry peach but I liked the difference. 
Serving ice cream in styrofoam = good because it "insulates" the cold. :)

SMILE…PASS IT ON! Here’s Christian with his Blue Mint Chip. It looks so yummy! We all got relatively wacky flavours. 

Such as “Isaac Mizrahi”, a strawberry & balsamic vinegar flavoured ice cream named after the fashion designer (who is said to really enjoy this flavour). The savoury and sweet combination was really interesting, in a good way. 

There is some seating so we sat, ate, and chatted. Suddenly a rush a people came in. It was as if they all decided to come at the same time! I was pretty confused haha. “Oh look, it’s 9:30 let’s all go and have ice cream!”

Verdict? I wouldn’t have minded taking home a pint except for 2 problems presenting themselves: the ice cream would melt during the trip and did you see how many flavours there are?! Imagine the time it would take me to decide what to get…we’d be there for an hour. Or two. All in all, great experience and awesome ice cream! Too bad it’s not closer to home!

5 out of 5 NOMs

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