NYC! Day 2: 7/11 Slurpee!!


Now for a super quick, silly post! :D Post-Jacques Torres, pre-Eataly, we went on a walk to a cycle store so the guys could pick up a few things. And that walk was long. 

Next time when a guy tells you, “Oh it’s really close by, we can walk it,” he means it’s several miles away. Good thing we all had comfortable shoes on! :D And we got to see some pretty cool things along the way! This is just outside a construction site. Too bad we don’t see prettied-up construction barriers like this back home. 

Before heading back to Manhattan for a couple of hours, we quenched our thirsts with…wait for it. (oh darn, tt’s in the title of the post bahaha!)

Frosted red velvet cupcakes from 7/11!! I’m kidding. Although, it was pretty surprising to see these sold singly. 

So here’s what I actually got. My first Slurpee! And I still chickened out by getting a small…

Well, it did its job and that’s what matters! Mmm slushie. Mmm cheap way to quench our thirst. Satisfied!


  1. We DO need more jazzed up construction sites, those are tres cool.