NYC! Day 2: Doughnut Plant


Such a fun windowsill-bench!
What? Doughnut Plant for breakfast! (yep, donuts in the morning)
Where? 379 Grand street (New York)
Price? $2.50-$4
The skinny: Story goes: 1910, Grandfather Herman Israel started working in a Minnesota bakery. The College Pastry Shop opens up in 1935. Grandson Mark, opened Doughnut Plant in 1994 with his Grandfather’s recipe. Since then, he’s developed his own techniques and now offers original creations such as the Jelly-filled Square Doughnut, Tres Leches, and Blackout!

This was a must-go destination. But when? How about breakfast! So begins the first full day of our 4-day NYC trip…on a sugar high. :)

Here we are, bright and “early.” I saw the videos, checked out the info on the website and I was ready. Ready to tackle head-on what yummy goodness awaited us inside. 

The specials already sounded appealing! If you’re wondering about the Japanese translation, it’s because there’s a location in Tokyo (opened in 2004)! :D Perhaps Toronto will be lucky enough to have a location open here… *wink wink nudge nudge Mr. Israel!

Here is the display box for all the cake doughnuts. These don’t have yeast in them as opposed to traditional doughnuts. (which is just perfect because my brother, who’s allergic to yeast, can have one of these instead! :D) I haven’t seen such original doughnuts before. Stoked!

With about 16 choices of doughnuts, you can just imagine my mild frustration, trying to make up my mind. I was dead set on having one of the jelly doughnuts but still, 4 choices…

In the end, I took the recommendation from the guy manning the counter; Peanut butter glaze, banana cream, square jelly doughnut. Wow that’s a mouthful! Can you see the deliciousness that this sinker exudes?! I say sinker because it’s hefty. 

Four of us, 4 doughnuts to share. SWEET! Clockwise from the top: Matcha (green tea), Fresh Peach, Banana Cream Peanut Butter-Glaze, and Carrot Cake doughnut. Funny story, we took our spoils outside and saw this random table right in front of the store. “Fate?” we thought. Nope, as one of us was splitting the doughnuts, Mark Israel showed up! Turns out, he wanted to check this table before bringing the rest over into the store space adjacent to Doughnut Plant. Possible Doughnut Plant café?! 

So back inside the little shop we went. It was now time to indulge. What first? How about the Matcha doughnut? It was light with a pleasant density to it. The matcha wasn’t too pungent but it was definitely present. The carrot cake doughnut was really nicely spiced. It was like eating a denser, halo version of a n actual carrot cake! Yummy. 

The fresh peach was the first yeast doughnut I sunk my teeth into. Wow. I never knew a doughnut can be so light and yielding to a bite. So surprisingly good. Well worth the $3 or so. We couldn’t detect much of the peach in it though. Oh well. 
Time for the jelly-filled square doughnut!! Dun dun dunnnnn. I expected the same lightness as the peach doughnut and I got all that and more. The texture and the freshness was pure ecstasy! The banana cream was smooth, bold and went perfectly with the peanut butter glaze. This was all of our favourite. The little bits of peanut on top was a poof of in-your-face peanut flavour. So good.

Yeah, can you tell I was floored by how good the banana cream peanut butter glaze doughnut was?! (Seriously, I have to come up with an acronym for it. The name’s just so long! haha) I didn’t know doughnuts could taste that amazing. Around the corner is Chinatown; where we tried to walk off our breakfast. 
A look around the neighbourhood.

Hanging cured meat? Dozens of varieties of cheeses? You gotta be in Little Italy! (sorry, it’s hard to make out the letters on the hanging neon sign). It was still early and next meal was to be smoked meat at Katz’s and as you’ll see, it was a big one. Glad we shopped and browsed until a slight pang of hunger urged us to our next listed destination. :) 

Verdict? No exaggeration, no contest. Best doughnut I’ve ever had. I guess this doesn't come as much a surprise considering my doughnut experience has been highly limited to Timmies and Krispy Kreme. I’m not gonna even mention the 6 for $1 grocery store ones my dad used to buy for us… This place is darn good, the real deal. We even made time to make a second visit before we left!

5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. So jealous!! Those look like amazing flavours!