NYC! Day 2: Eataly New York


Dilemma. Stay in Brooklyn, walk around until dinner time, aka pizza at Grimaldi’s. Or subway back and forth from Manhattan in order to visit Eataly. Seeing as this trip is all about food, we went for it.
Manhattan's Flatiron District. Check out the architecture of the buildings, especially the one on the right! :D

Eataly opened last year in the Flatiron District and is still causing quite the buzz in the food world. Not surprising considering what it is: an ambitious collaboration between some very big names including Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, and the original Eataly founder, Oscar Farinetti. 

It’s a huge space celebrating Italian food as well as locally grown produce. Inside, you’ll find everything from authentic gelato to beautifully crafted cakes, fresh balls of mozzarella to beautiful slices of salumi and prosciutto. 

I expected “big”, but what we got, was “HUGE”! Every staff member knows their trade like the back of their hand so if you have any questions, ask away! 

These cakes looks so good! Too bad we were just browsing.

I cannot tell you how many variety of cheeses they have! If only I could afford some… Check out the mushrooms! I thought I’ve tried a good several varieties but there’s a lot more where that came from! Can you find the lobster mushrooms? :D

An example of local produce: New York grown heirloom tomatoes! Imagine popping them into your mouth. That burst of freshness! Oh yes. 

Finally, you can’t have a giant food metropolis without little eateries! Sometimes, (ie all the time) you just gotta have it NOW. Each counter has its own specialty so you can literally hop from one to another and experience several regions of Italy in one evening! You can sit at the counter but there are also tables and “La Piazza,” a sort of square with long communal tables that you stand at, enjoy your meal with a glass of wine, chat. 

This place is amazing, don’t get me wrong. However, the clientele, the people there that evening were not like us. Perhaps it’s because of the day and time so we saw people that came here straight from work, but it seemed too “rich” for us. Too upscale, too high society even though food should be accessible to anyone

Next time, I’ll come back during the weekend…maybe the atmosphere will be more to our liking. And a return trip in the future is a must considering they now have a rooftop bar, La Birreria! Can't wait to try some food. :D:D

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