NYC! Day 3: Bouchon Bakery


 What? Bouchon Bakery for breakfast 
Where? 10 Columbus Circle (New York City) 
Price? $2-$4 
The skinny: Here’s a little piece of Paris in New York City brought to us by Executive Pastry Chef Sebastien Rouxel under the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. Think macarons, croissants and chocolates! And then there’s also the TKO, the “Thomas Keller Oero” or “technical knock out” for all the MMA and wrestling fans! ;D

This is a bad but an amazing theme that seems to be forming…sweets for breakfast. Yesterday it was doughnuts at The Doughnut Plant, this morning, it’s cookies and more confections at Bouchon Bakery! 
"Le porte bonheur le matin" - loosely translated to "the bringer of happiness/luck in the morning" <--darn right it is!! :D

Here are some of their signature creations like madeleines and chocolate bouchons. These are for display purposes but it’s just so tempting to lean in for a closer look…and “accidentally” grab a bouchon. Kidding. 

And then their tarts. They look so yummy. But these pretty Chocolate Tarts in the morning?! That may be a little too gluttonous. 

Oh by the way this is what you’re greeted with: a huge beautiful display case filled with very big temptations. Yeah, that’s 12 rows of macarons right there. Is it odd to say that I was more intrigued by the croissants? It’s partly nostalgia from those I had in France (seen here)

Yes, that's a line-up, in the morning! The décor is very relaxing and because you're inside, it can be so tranquil...and then you step outside and you're smack in the middle of Columbus Circle. haha So don't forget your "pick-me up" chocolates! ;D

There’s also Bouchon Café just beside the bakery, overlooking the third floor balcony at the Time Warner Centre. It’s a pretty relaxing view I gotta say. 

In total, we bought five items. Clockwise from the croissant smack in the front, there’s a filled donut, a nutter butter cookie, TKO, and pain chocolat. 

Pain Chocolat
Flakey, buttery, two sticks of chocolate. We were happy. That’s all. Here's a post of one I had in France (I didn't end up finding one I was in love with.. :(  ). In contrast, this one had much more texture to it.

Nutter Butter ($3.75)
Think peanut butter icing sandwiched in between two peanut butter cookies. Be warned for all those who are allergic to nuts: STAY AWAY! (ie my brother). Also, you’re missing out because this is one rich cookie. Just don’t make the mistake we made by eating it before everything else. It’s so rich in flavour that it drowned out some of the other things we had. 

Filled Donut ($3)
This donut is on the smaller end of things but don’t let that fool you! The dough’s nice and light. The filling? Well as you can see, it’s just only exploding. 

The top is chocolate and the little wafer-like balls. We all expected them to be dots of white and dark chocolate but the crunch took us all off guard. Especially Christian. This was his favourite food item of the entire trip! 
Getting the thumbs up approval. :D

TKO ($3.25)
The Thomas Keller Oreo. It’s pretty much an oreo to the next level. The cream filling is subtle but compliments the cookie perfectly. It’s not a very sweet cookie so it was unfortunate that the nutter butter mellowed out it’s taste even more. Still, it was good!

Croissant ($3)
Now compared to other croissants I’ve had, this one wasn’t the best but it was still pretty good. It had a crust that had a great crunch. What was missing for me was the buttery richness that I’m used to getting from a croissant. 

Verdict? Great bakery that serves not only well executed and über tasty confections, but brunch and lunch as well! Love the mint green and dark chocolate colour-scheme. P.S. I just found the recipe for their "Nutter Butter" cookies online. Will be baking them as soon as I get the chance! :D

Check 'em out! http://www.bouchonbakery.com/

4 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. This looks like a super indulgent breakfast! Especially the filled donut. Did it have Boston cream filling?

  2. yeppers. I enjoyed the subtlety and freshness of the donut but I preferred the ones at doughnut plant.

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