NYC! Day1: Five Guys


The "LHB": Little Hamburger

What? Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Where? 1009 Shoppes at Stroud (Stroudsburg, PA)
Price? $3.50-$10
The skinny: Five Guys is a an American burger joint first opened in 1986. They use fresh gound beef and peanut oil! Voted best burger in quite a few places, this is a well established chain, with locations in Canada now too!

This is our first “food adventure” on our NYC road trip. After having driven for 8 hours or so, we decided it was about time to grab some real food. Five Guys wasn’t originally on our list but as we drove up to a HUGE sign displaying all the restaurants in the vicinity, we decided to go for it.


Most people order take out but we’d be driving non-stop for a long time now so we sat down to enjoy our meal. The space isn’t impressive but it’s clean and themed with the signature red & white so I’m happy.

Storage? What storage? 50 lb sacks of potatoes are piled near the front of the joint…to reassure potential customers like us? Hmm… 

As we were trying to decide what to order, I took a look around the restaurant. Bulk peanuts? Yep, you can scoop some into one of the containers and just munch on them. Free. This is no place for my brother (deathly allergic to peanuts) :( And on top of that, they use peanut oil (the jugs on the right)! Good quality, but bad for people like my brother. 

We heard the fries are good so we ordered a regular Cajun to share. You can douse some malt vinegar in them or dip them in good old ketchup. We did neither…haha

The sizes here are noticeably bigger than in Canada. The fries were good, fresh, but way too salty. We couldn’t finish them, even split amongst the 4 of us. 

Little Hamburger ($3.49)
I got the “LHB” as I wasn’t too hungry and I figured “little” doesn’t mean the same “little” that I’m used to. ;) As for the toppings, I didn’t want to choose them individually so I went with the “All the way” option, meaning everything. 

It was a really substantial burger. Juicy and yummy; the patty was pretty “in-your-face-fresh,” which was nice. No component overpowered the other. 

Hamburger ($4.50?)
One of the guys ordered the hamburger, which has 2 patties. He really liked it and was pretty stuffed in the end. I'm not sure what to think about the buns though. They're not toasted on the flat top! :(

Verdict? For the price and what it is (chain restaurant that sticks to its manifesto of fresh, good tasting “regular joe” burgers), I like this place! I’d return if I was ever feeling like a burger and there’s a Five Guys nearby. It’s just a shame that their fries are so salty.

3.5 out of 5 NOMs
(link to a Scarborough location) 
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  1. Have you tried the ones in the GTA yet? I'm wondering if they taste the same. And what!? The portions are even bigger there? I already think they give you too much fries here!

  2. I have yet to try it here...I want to go try some items on the burger's priest secret menu first! teehee :D:D About the fries, so true!