Sushi Bong


What? Sushi Bong
Where? 5 Northtown Way (Finch station; 7 min walk, North York, Toronto)
Price? $4-$15
The skinny: Opened just a few years ago, Sushi Bong is a true neighbourhood haunt, known for their cheap sushi. The service is genuine and quick. Orders are filled right before your eyes with lightning speed and because of the high demand, the ingredients are always fresh.

I’ve heard great things about this sushi take-out joint, mainly the quality you get compared to its affordability. Although you can dine-in, space is highly cramped. Plus, everyone who’s a regular here does take-out. Located at the bottom of a condo complex, business is booming and it’s all local (even the owner lives in the condos!) 
Yep, it's a tiny tiny shop!

Not sure where to go for an early Father’s Day dinner (yes, this post is months overdue…I just happened to chance upon the photos last week haha), my brother suggested take out from Sushi Bong and sitting at a park nearby. Cool.
Ignore the typos...the repeated typos. "Patry" "Patry" "Patry"

We ordered 5 items and it was all ready to go, in Styrofoam containers in 7 min tops. 

Reluctant to look sketch, my dad opted to eat at home. :D So voilà! There was a handfu or two of soya sauce packets in the bag...all the extras will come in handy one day, I think. We were starved by the time we got home so having it all laid out like this made my mouth water. haha

Sushi Bong’s Special ($8.95)
5pcs Sushi, 8pcs California Roll, 4pcs Salmon Maki. I think the salmon maki was in another container. Presentation isn’t breathtaking but for take-out in a styrofoam container, it’s quite decent! The sushi was yummy & fresh. I can already tell that rice consumption will be a limiting factor to how many pieces I’ll consume..darn!

Philadelphia Roll ($6.99) & Rainbow Maki ($7.88)
See the cream cheese and salmon on the right? Yep, they pulled out a block of cream cheese and cut sticks to roll. Very creamy, I’m surprised the cream cheese isn’t over the top. The Rainbow Roll was decent. They skimped on the tuna a bit (I’m guessing they were running out at that hour haha).

Dynamite Roll ($8.11), Unagi Special ($6.99)
I enjoyed the crunch from the tempura batter that the Dynamite roll was rolled in. The bits weren’t uniformly shaped (you’d get a chunk here and there) but the effect of the texture contrast was present. I love unagi!! The unagi special was alright, I wish there was more eel in the roll but you get what you pay for! 

Verdict? If I want sushi, am hungry, and want to save money (which is 99% of the time), I’ll come here. Of course the quality isn’t amazing, but for what you pay, you will be satisfied! :D Two words to bear in mind: CHEAP. FAST.

3.5 out of 5 NOMs

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