Mini Shortbread Cookies


As you may have read in some previous posts, my brother can be quite awesome (as all photographers can be! :D) but his allergies are anything but. It restricts his diet so much!! As frustrating as it gets for him, it also takes a toll on the fam. :( Eating out as a family isn’t really an option and even at home meals need to be divided. 


Fresh “Ricotta”!


First, there was the in-house made pasta trend (which I fully support because fresh pasta is amazing, such as the pappardelle at Enoteca Sociale). Then there’s the porky revolution that for me began with a visit to the Black Hoof. And now, I’ve been reading about more and more restaurants that make their own cheeses. Am I intrigued? 


NYC! Day 4: Serendipity III


What? Serendipity 3 for dessert
Where? 225 East, 60th Street (New York)
Price? $9-$20
The skinny: Serendipity III is probably most well-known for their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (it’s actually a registered trademark). Opened in 1954, Serendipity 3 serves not only desserts but you can eat full on meals there…in case you were wondering; ;)

NYC! Day 4: Bonchon Chicken


What? Bonchon Chicken for fried chicken!
Where? 104 John st (New York)
Price? $10-$25
The skinny: In Korea, fried chicken has a cult following, I’m talking shops all over South Korea and their style of fried chicken has migrated back to the States. Bonchon is one of the Korean-style chicken chains that churns out those characteristically crunchy, moist drumsticks and wings. :D

So you’re wondering, “Carmen, seriously?! Still on the NYC posts?!” Yeah, I’ve been really busy with school so posts have only been slowly getting written. Plus, we really did hit up a lot of places during our 5-day trip. It was insanity of the best kind. :) 


Marben (& Dufflet)


Sage & Brown Butter Gnocchi with Brussels Sprouts
What? Marben for dinner
Where? 488 Wellington St w (510 streetcar from Spadina station)
Price? $25-$40 (mains $14-$18)
The skinny: “Farmhouse revival.” Marben is a restaurant that turns out great food that appeals to anyone’s taste buds. It was revamped about a year ago through a collaboration of local artists, designers, architects and new chefs (Carl Heinrich and butcher Ryan Donovan). A cool feature of the menu is that every dish is named after someone, like “John’s burger”.


NYC! Day 4: Chelsea Market


Chelsea Market was our first stop post-breakfast. After getting lost for a good while we finally found it! It’s a sort of hybrid office building / urban food court with stores and is also used as a tv production location (aka think The Food Network). Main point, there’s a whole lot of food-related things happening in here!


NYC! Day 4: Levain Bakery


What? Levain Bakery for cookies!
Where? 167 West 74th St (Upper West Side, New York)
Price? $3-$10
The skinny: Famous for their thick, chunky cookies (specifically their 6-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie), Levain Bakery was co-founded by Connie McDonald and Pam Weekes in 1995. They’ve branched out to make many other yummy baked goods; all fresh everyday. Can it get more awesome? Yes. The day’s leftovers are donated to charity!


NYC! Day 3: Sylvia’s


What? Sylvia’s for soul food
Where? 328 Lenox ave (New York)
Price? $10-20
The skinny: 1962. That’s when it all began when Miss Sylvia Woods, the Queen of Soul Food after she bought Johnson's Luncheonette. This woman is hugely successful. Not only does she have her Harlem location, but there’s also a catering hall, a line of products, cookbooks and even a “Sylvia and Herbert Woods” scholarship endowment foundation.

NYC! Day 3: Ssäm bar


Special: Fried Duck Dumplings
What? Ssäm bar for legendary food
Where? 207 2nd avenue (New York)
Price? $8-$200
The skinny: Under the group of momofuku restaurants owned by David Chang, Ssäm bar is all about having fantastic food with a twist while enjoying the casual atmosphere of the place. Make online reservations for their pork shoulder & whole-rotisserie duck!


Enoteca Sociale


What? Enoteca Sociale
Where? 1288 Dundas st W (63 Ossington bus from Ossington station)
Price? $15-$30 (mains $10-$16)
The skinny: From the owners of Pizzeria Libretto come Enoteca Sociale, an Italian wine bar so well stocked it puts most restaurants to shame. On top of the rustic décor, chill atmosphere and (über) noteworthy pasta, they’ve got their own cheese cave in the basement!


Yogurt Spoon


What? Yogurt Spoon for fro-yo!
Where? 573 Yonge st (2 min walk from Wellesley station, Toronto)
Price? $0.49 / oz
The skinny: Self-serve frozen yogurt is becoming increasingly popular. This is the place for it! Opened earlier this year, this is one of the cheapest place for frozen yogurt in the city. Pretty awesome incentive right there. :D


Etsu Japanese Restaurant


What? Etsu for dinner
Where? 45 Baldwin Street (Queen’s Park station, Toronto)
Price? $4-$20
The skinny: This place is about integrity and variety. A combination of Korean and Japanese dishes are offered in this restaurant. Needless to say, there are a huge number of sushi/Japanese restaurants in downtown Toronto, and this is one of them. Let’s see if this one stands out?

Momofuku Milk Bar


What? Milk Bar for edible childhood memories (and more! :D)
Where? 251 E 13th st (New York)
Price? $2-$44 (think a cookie vs a full blown cake)
The skinny: Why “momofuku”? Well it means luck peach in japanese. All you have to know is that there are currently 5 momofuku restaurants, each serving amazing food. Most feature spins on Korean classics as created by chef David Chang. momofuku ko has maintained its two Michelin stars for 4 years now! (that’s mad impressive). Main point, great food, gotta try!