Momofuku Milk Bar


What? Milk Bar for edible childhood memories (and more! :D)
Where? 251 E 13th st (New York)
Price? $2-$44 (think a cookie vs a full blown cake)
The skinny: Why “momofuku”? Well it means luck peach in japanese. All you have to know is that there are currently 5 momofuku restaurants, each serving amazing food. Most feature spins on Korean classics as created by chef David Chang. momofuku ko has maintained its two Michelin stars for 4 years now! (that’s mad impressive). Main point, great food, gotta try!

I’ve been wanting to come here for a long while now…ever since I saw a segment on them on the Martha Stewart Living show several years ago! The day has finally come to experience their compost cookies and cereal milk! :D 

On the way there, we past by this street. It’s got cute chairs and tables for people to dine outside. Pretty awesome and perfect on such a nice day. 

Go inside..and you’re greeted with a display of the available goodies. The cakes look glorious! :D

Truffles time! Pistachio cake?! Gah I love pistachio!! 

Now here’s the menu. I thouroughly enjoyed looking at it. So colourful and yeah, I’ve got a huge sweet tooth so everything on it appealed to me. 

We only got two things which was very surprising to me. I thought I’d go ape-shit crazy for the cookies. (eek profanity..) We started off with the Cereal Milk Soft Serve rolled in Cornflake Crunch. ($4.50 +$0.75)

It wasn’t revelational, but it was smack in your cereal milk (a great thing). Sure, I’ve had better soft serve but nothing like this. Nothing reminded me of my childhood like this, so I was really happy with that. 

I used to always pour extra milk into my sugar-filled cereal just so I can get that sweet milk at the end. Pricey, but you only live once! ;D 
Look at the beautiful silk smooth texture of that soft serve!

What’s in that little box? CRACK PIE! Supposedly the pie’s so good you’ll get hooked on it…like crack. Anyways, I was eager to try it. 

At first when we took the slice out, we thought “wow that’s…small.” However, it turned out to be just the right size considering how indulgent it was. Sweet, dense, we were taking tiny bites haha. 

Did I mention that the pie’s pretty much sugar+sugar+sugar? Well, that’s kind of what we got out of it. It was quite sweet, in a good way. Oh yeah, we’re using SPORKS. :D What? It’s all about the little things! Spoon and fork all-in-one?! Win. 

And last thing, the Momofuku Cookbook! :D Inside you’ve got recipes for the Momofuky restaurants’ most famous dishes. Yeah, that would include those steamed pork buns….mmmm. (Yep, we tried those two at ssäm bar, just across the street from Milk Bar).  And now, Christina Tosi’s Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook is out as well! (Plus a new Midtown Milk Bar location!) 

Verdict? This place is awesome! They sell some pretty sweet treats that you won’t find anywhere else! ;D Although it’s pricey, it’s worth it in the end. There was a new Sydney location (seiōbo) opened last week. But more importantly, there’s going to be a new momofuku restaurant…dundundun in TORONTO!!!!! :D:D:D Too stoked. It’s opening 2012 and already, I know I won’t be stepping foot inside til half a year after it opens because the reservation list is gonna be huge. 

4.5 out of 5 NOMS
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