NYC! Day 4: Chelsea Market


Chelsea Market was our first stop post-breakfast. After getting lost for a good while we finally found it! It’s a sort of hybrid office building / urban food court with stores and is also used as a tv production location (aka think The Food Network). Main point, there’s a whole lot of food-related things happening in here!

The building used to be the home of the National Biscuit Company over one-hundred years ago! Now, it’s “Chelsea Market,” a bustling market full of activity and little treasures everywhere. 

First up, Eleni’s, a bakery. 

They’ve got the universally loved “milk & cookies” concept down. But taken to the next level with 4 kinds of cookies. Would’ve definitely went for a box had this been the last stop of the day and we could immediately go back “home” (aka Harlem) to fridge the milk. HELLO KITTY COOKIES! I have a couple of friends who’d love these!

A big variety of cupcakes! Not too sure why we didn’t try any of them…for me, they just looked so perfect! Plus a breakfast of delicious cookies at Levain will keep you satiated for awhile. ;)

Another bakery with a cute quirky name! "Fat Witch Bakery".

Yes, this will be a post of many shops inside Chelsea Market but not much reviewing…we were kind of just passing by. Odd, I know. Fresh coffee anyone?! :D

A growing trend these days: awareness of where your food is sourced from. I mean that’s how it should always be, local with a solid connection between the restaurant and the farmer. “the green table”

Old-fashioned shaved ice! The guy used a shaver (called ice plane shavers / rhombic shaver / box shaver) on the block of ice and drizzles a generous amount of watermelon juice(?) then voilà! Vous avez de la glace rapée! (not sure if that translated too well).

This place. Hmm. If we weren’t planning on lunching elsewhere, Christian and I would’ve pounced on some grilled cheese sandwiches. The aroma wafting from this shop was unreal!! I’m talking a smell so cheesy, gooey, rich that we’d actually pop in and out of this section of shops just to get that “renewed” smack of grilled cheese smell. In hindsight, I really regret not getting a sandwich from here. 

Here are some other shops that were in that little section with “Lucy’s Whey” (cute name!). Top right is a crêperie! They’ve even got the giant nutella tubs. Along with the freshly sliced figs that’s good news for any crêpe lover. (Bottom right, L’Arte del Gelato” is in the main market)

Seafood! :D “The Lobster Place” has oysters and fish from all over the country and from Canada too! 

No doubt, they’ve also got lots of raw fish ready to be sliced for rolls and sushi. I’m drooling at the thought of how fresh it must all be. 

(left) “Amy’s Bread.” I felt that venturing inside here would be dangerous for my wallet, so I held off. (right) Darian getting his daily morning dose of milk. 

“morimoto” was opened by the Iron Chef of the same name in ’06. Nearby there’s also “Del Posto” owned by another Iron Chef, Mario Batali. I wonder if I’ll ever be rich enough to dine there…let the gold-digging begin! (I’m 100% kidding!!)

Verdict? Not much to say because all I got from here was a new set of measuring cups (which are a lot better than my old ones for their elongated handles). We came here hoping to try coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee, which didn’t happen. Will come back for those grilled cheese sandwiches, cupcakes and sashimi!! :D:D