NYC! Day 4: Serendipity III


What? Serendipity 3 for dessert
Where? 225 East, 60th Street (New York)
Price? $9-$20
The skinny: Serendipity III is probably most well-known for their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (it’s actually a registered trademark). Opened in 1954, Serendipity 3 serves not only desserts but you can eat full on meals there…in case you were wondering; ;)

Last night in New York City!! When we left Bonchon Chicken, it was raining so that meant no more Staten Island for sure. Remaining on our list were Tom’s Restaurant from Seinfeld and Serendipity 3. Dessert…sounds very appealing. :D
Hello Kitty!!

So we went. There’s a little general store at the front. Lots of interesting things to look at while waiting for a table. By waiting I mean we were told it’d take an hour for a table to free up. 

While we waited, we popped over to Dylan’sCandy Bar. Such a candy lover’s wonderland. There’s so many sweets everywhere! M&Ms in over a dozen colours! Gah. I love my M&Ms. 
Slightly overwhelmed by how much candy was in this 3 story building.

Came back and we got a table in the back! Inside, it’s warm, cozy and very inviting. I’d imagine you’d want to come here for tea. :) 

I love the lights! Just thought I’d try to show you a few of them. And the skylight. Imagine the soft sunlight that’d stream into the room. :] On the left are their giant menus. It’s like reading a laminated newspaper. 

There it is…the iconic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate!

For me, I first saw it on Oprah about 6 years ago, wow I feel old haha (I’m not!). It’s very inviting. A little deceiving though. I do prefer it to the Spicy / Caramel Frozen Hot Chocolate from Jacques Torres because it’s got some sweetness to it. But. It wasn’t “revelatory” good. 

Strawberry Fields. Now this, this was pretty damn decadent as far as sundaes go! Shortcake + strawberry ice cream + strawberries + whipped cream = the dessert that you think you must’ve been waiting for because the satisfaction is just that good. 

I really liked this. It’s my kind of dream ice cream dessert. You know how girls will snuggle up to watch a chick flick with a small tub of Ben & Jerry’s? Well, I’ve always wanted to do that (just for the decadence of eating straight from the tub). But now, my dream is to do that, with the Strawberry Fields Shortcake Sundae. If I were ever feeling down, do you understand how quickly this would cheer me up?! Yes, I’m that easy to please (don’t tell my bf that haha). 

Now completely satisfied, we begin our journey back to our apartment in Harlem. :) Last trip on the subway! Ahh nostalgia hits slightly, I mean the subway was integral to all our food adventures in NYC. And what perfect way to end off than a performer playing the steel drums and singing. People started dancing too it was so fun! :D:D 

Verdict? Sorry, but no to the Frrozen Hot Chocolate. I guess after waiting so long to try it my expectations reached a level that couldn’t be met. The Strawberry Fields Sundae however? A great surprise! I’d come back to Serendipity 3 just for that. And the girly romantic light fixtures too haha. 
WARNING! This place is pretty hyped up so if you can, make reservations! (646) 833-0553 ;)

3.5 out of 5 NOMs
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