Yogurt Spoon


What? Yogurt Spoon for fro-yo!
Where? 573 Yonge st (2 min walk from Wellesley station, Toronto)
Price? $0.49 / oz
The skinny: Self-serve frozen yogurt is becoming increasingly popular. This is the place for it! Opened earlier this year, this is one of the cheapest place for frozen yogurt in the city. Pretty awesome incentive right there. :D

It’s been almost two months since the summer abroad program in France so it was about time some of us girls caught up. With university making us so busy, we decided to make it a quick visit, grab some fro-yo, and chat. The décor inside is clean and it pops. 

There’s some seating lined up inside so you can sit and enjoy your treat if you don’t feel like walking and eating. 

Okay. So how does the whole “self-serve” frozen yogurt work? Grab a bowl (be careful! they’re rather sizable…which can be deadly to your wallet if you go crazy). Then it’s time to pick your frozen yogurt. You’ve got flavours like coconut, pineapple, mango, cheesecake, and green apple. You can combine two flavours by using the “mix” nozzle. 

Next step, toppings. Fruits, cookies, sprinkles, toffee bits, granola, almond slivers. You’ve got a lot of choices! 

Me, I went with cheesecake and raspberry frozen yogurt. As for the toppings, I was slightly lost and just grabbed a few things (mochi, oreo cookie, passion fruit jelly balls, and Reese’s pieces). 

It was refreshing! I didn’t care much for the cheesecake flavour. I enjoyed the raspberry one though because it was sweet and tart at the same time (perfect!). My bowl of fro-yo cost a little over $5…pretty good. :)

There were 5 of us so there was a lot of catching up to do. No surprise, our bowls were empty long before we left. 

Verdict: There are 8 more flavours that I haven’t tried yet. Long story short, I’ll be back. :D Although I’m not a huge fan of toppings, I’m sure the variety is enough to satisfy anyone. They’ve got some dairy-free flavours too (for all you lactose-intolerant peeps this is pretty sweet news)!

4 out of 5 NOMs
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