Swish by han (Christmas / New Year’s Eve!)


What? Swish by han for dinner
Where? 38 Wellington st east (King station)
Price? $25-$40
The skinny: Korean restaurants are gaining an increasing good reputation here. There was the pho revolution, now we’ve got Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu and Owl of Minerva as favourites for late night noshing. Swish by han is more of a hip restaurant but don’t be fooled, the food here can be the stuff of dreams.

My final post of 2011. This year’s been amazing! After getting that much needed push from my friends, I set out on creating a blog as an outlet for my love of food. And “carmenhungry” is what resulted. The name was supposed to be temporary but after awhile, it stuck. :D I’m glad for that I guess.(HAPPY NEW YEAR! <|:D)

Green Tea Castella Cake w Cream Cheese Frosting

A family friend recently brought over a couple of slices of a green tea castella cake that she baked the other night. It tasted so light and moist that I had to get my hands on the recipe! Well. Be prepared to be slightly disappointed because this was a bit of a flop. It tasted fine, but…oh you’ll see what I mean!


Lemon Curd Cupcakes w Whipped Cream Frosting


“When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.” I say make cupcakes! Or any other dessert for that matter. I haven’t made cupcakes with filling inside them before so one night, I just decided, why not? Let’s give this a try. 


Porchetta One-year anniversary

What? Porchetta & Co. for sandwiches
Where? 825 Dundas st west (511 south from Bathurst station OR 505 west from Dundas station)
Price? ONE dollar (normally $5.95; more details later)
The skinny: Nowadays, you’ll find a lot more small shops and restaurants that focus on certain ingredients or dishes. Here, it’s all about porchetta. And it’s fantastic. More fitting: “glorious.”

Marben with DiningDateNight

This is my second time at Marben (check out my first post for the general details about this place :D) in a matter of weeks! After the first time, I knew that my parents would definitely like the food here so it was just a matter of figuring out when to go. 



The Gabardine


Oh yummy mac and cheese come to me!!

What? The Gabardine for lunch
Where? 372 Bay st
Price? $20-$30
The skinny: Let’s keep this short. You come here on your lunch break or for dinner because it’s so conveniently located in the financial district. On top of that, solidly prepared comfort food, very decent selection of drinks, and chill atmosphere.


Banana Bread


Ever since the unreal banana chocolate chip bread from Levain Bakery back in August, I’ve been yearning to bake banana bread that’s just as moist and delicious. Actually, a couple of months back, I managed to do that (YAY!). And then I lost the recipe. So this is me trying to recapture that! 


School Bakery & Café


What? School for lunch
Where? 70 Fraser ave (504 streetcar west from King)
Price? $10-20
The skinny: Casual. Fresh. Chef Brad Moore presents, School Bakery & Café (opened in 2009), a now “it” place for brunch any day of the week. In Liberty Village, it can be out of the way but your trip should be worth it. The food isn’t revolutionary but you can’t go wrong with classic comfort food cooked by a great chef. :D

Right now, we’re smack in the middle of finals/exam season. But I figured I’d take a little break to write up a post. :) What better breather than to talk about food?! 




What? Woodlot for late-night dinner
Where? 293 Palmerston ave (511 or 509 streetcars—respectively from Bathurst & College stations)
Price? $40-60
The skinny: Opened over a year ago, Woodlot is still one of “the” places to dine at in Toronto. A bakery during the day, it transforms into a warm, very busy, dining spot perfect for vegetarians and carnivores! Think big portions, big flavour. All centred around their wood-burning oven. 


Dufflet Pastries (& Gourmet Malaysia)


What? Dufflet Pastries for a birthday cake
Where? 787 Queen st w (take the 501 Queen west streetcar; also 2 other locations)
Price? $4-$45
The skinny: Dufflet Pastries has expanded from a “from-home-to-café” operation by “Queen of Cake” Dufflet Rosenberg (in 1975) to a company with 3 shops and cakes sold in restaurants, cafés, hotels and supermarkets! It’s pretty amazing considering the growth Dufflet Pastries and its devoted customers they’ve garnered til now. Time to eat dessert!


Cheesecake Brownie


More baking adventures in the teeny 9002ft condo I share with my fam! :D Recently, while browsing David Leibovitz’ blog, I chanced upon his version/adaptation on Cheesecake Brownies. Score! Decided to bake these for le chum as a teeny one-year treat. Yeah, together for one year. eep! Don’t worry, I will not get all mushy and stuff haha. 


Duncan Hines Halloween Contest! Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes


First off, I will apologize for this very tardy post. I baked these a little over two months ago and haven’t really touched the photos until last night. Duncan Hines held a Halloween baking contest where you use their products to bake Halloween themed goodies. I was going to go the cakepop route but decided to go for simple really simple instead. 
Look at their cute little faces!!! *NOM!*