Banana Bread


Ever since the unreal banana chocolate chip bread from Levain Bakery back in August, I’ve been yearning to bake banana bread that’s just as moist and delicious. Actually, a couple of months back, I managed to do that (YAY!). And then I lost the recipe. So this is me trying to recapture that! 

All you need to know is that this time, I wasn’t very successful. I used the banana bread recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (the 10th edition from 1989? Older than me!) and just went from there.

I won’t post up the recipe. I’ll do that when I figure out the perfect measurements and all that. Okay, so starting off, I laid out all my ingredients as per usual. Got my flour + baking powder + salt. 

Then the wet ingredients: eggs + banana (that should be much riper) + brown sugar + butter (there’s also vanilla extract). 

Time to mash some bananas!! :D Cooking & baking can be very therapeutic. I mean think about it. You’re chopping vegetables, hacking meat, beating the pulp out of stuff?! I came home last night from my first exam, totally drained. First thing I did was bake a green tea sponge cake. Felt infinitely better. ;) 

I love this little masher! It’s got such a cute & innocent looking face!! 


And then you look down. 

Dun dun dunnnn!!!! 

“did I do that?” (Refrain from saying this in Urkel’s voice haha)

Eggs + sugar = fluffy. Add mashed banana. 

Vanilla extract goes in. I don’t remember if the recipe called for this (doubt it) but I decided to try melting the butter before adding it to the batter…(probably where I went wrong haha) The dry (sifted) ingredients go in at the end. Mix it well and there ye go! Banana bread batter. 

It’s thick & lumpy. Good? haha I’ve got some bananas on the counter right now so after my last exam, I’ll be whipping up another banana bread that *fingers crossed* will be the ONE. 

In the oven. There were some problems here. As with anything baked in a loaf pan, you have to be careful since it’s harder for the heat to penetrate the middle compared to if you were to use a regular, 9-inch pan. 

Usually, it turns out alright. This time however, I had let it bake too long before checking on it so it baked rather unevenly. :(  Tasted alright but far from amazing. Oh well. Trial and error I guess! Anyone have an amazing super moist banana bread recipe?! :D


  1. At least it looks good! that's almost half the battle most times.

    And I agree that baking is therapeutic! I used to bake all the time in University, but now that I started work I never have time. I really should make time for it. It makes me so happy to bake!