Dufflet Pastries (& Gourmet Malaysia)


What? Dufflet Pastries for a birthday cake
Where? 787 Queen st w (take the 501 Queen west streetcar; also 2 other locations)
Price? $4-$45
The skinny: Dufflet Pastries has expanded from a “from-home-to-café” operation by “Queen of Cake” Dufflet Rosenberg (in 1975) to a company with 3 shops and cakes sold in restaurants, cafés, hotels and supermarkets! It’s pretty amazing considering the growth Dufflet Pastries and its devoted customers they’ve garnered til now. Time to eat dessert!

Living in Toronto, I’ve definitely heard about Dufflet but havn't tried any of their products until earlier this year. I bought one of their “Mocha Cakelets” from a Loblaw store and everyone loved it! Light, chocolatey, and not too sweet. It seems like it satisfied all of our cake tastes. :D 

Then there was my birthday last month, where one of my friends surprised me with a “Lemon Coconut Layer Cake” after dinner at Marben. Denser than I would’ve imagined it to be, but it turned out to be so good. The cream cheese icing and coconut buttercream were what made the cake very rich but the lemon cut through that. Another winner. 

Now just a few days ago was one of my friend’s birthday! A couple of friends organized a team dinner (yay Scartan dragonboat fam!) at Gourmet Malaysia. They also have karaoke rooms so we took advantage of that. (more on the restaurant later).

Needless to say, I was ready to convert everyone to Dufflet lovers. After a super late lunch at the Gabardine (the mac & cheese is so creamy! Every spoonful was like a guilty pleasure best enjoyed behind closed doors…haha), my friend and I hopped on the streetcar and headed over to the first Dufflet location, on the Queen west strip. 

Inside, there is seating so you can grab a slice, dessert, a coffee and thoroughly enjoy it! And of course, catch up with friends (<-- which is always exciting). 

The display case is full of all their offerings of the day. You can order a cake ahead of time and have it specially made for you. Or you can be like me and just bank on whatever’s available on the day of. 

I got momentarily sidetracked by one of their “specials” of the month. Pink Velvet Cake! And then there’s all the bars and squares surrounding it. Glorious. 

They’ve got gold dusted desserts and stocking stuffers! Great add-ons to gifts. :D

I decided I’d get a mini cake for my parents. They’re not huge dessert fans but they appreciate a little sweetness here and there. After more deliberation, I left with a mini tiramisu. 
Hazelnut Praline Dacquoise // Black+White Mouse // Cheesecake Mini (?)

I immediately headed back uptown to the still-unofficially opened Gourmet Malaysia. It’s Mark’s birthday and we gathered in one of the restaurants' karaoke rooms. I love these guys! :) They’re like my second family!! We're singing & goofing around. Then the food arrives and all the guys leave to sit at their own table (far right). I know this already but am always floored by how quickly guys will devour food, it's insane! Food arrives, a minute later, it's all gone.

As for the ladies, we ordered individual dishes. I was still satisfied from lunch at the Gabardine but at some point craved food again haha. Being a person who cannot bear spicy food but loves all the flavours and spices used in spicy dishes, I went for the Singapore Laksa. 

I asked them to make it as mild as possible. The owner of the restaurant, Yummy, looked at me like I was kinda crazy. haha Can't blame him though since I was pretty much asking him to water down the flavour level and intensity of the dish. What came was a concoction of noodles in a coconut curry based broth. There’s tofu, bean sprouts and chicken in there as well. Amazing! It hits every “flavour receptor” in my mouth (I don’t know how else to describe it). Still super spicy but I love it. 

Cake time!!!!! We didn’t have candles (neither did the restaurant.. :( ) but that’s okay! About the writing on the cake…I had no clue what to get! I called one of the guys on the team and as a bonus thing, he had gotten Mark a bottle of soju so that’s how the top line on the cake came about. 

I got one of Dufflet’s classic layer cakes—their “Black + White Layer Cake”. Made up of alternating layers of chocolate & vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream as the frosting. It’s very classic but with alternating layers, you get best of both worlds!

At first, they were all surprised by the size of the cake (I had gotten the smaller, 6-inch sized cake). Honestly, I was thinking of getting a 9-inch, but it’s rather pricey ($42). 

I don’t think anyone expected such a “regular”, classic cake to taste so good. It was so moist and the buttercream was perfect. There was just enough to bring it all together without being too present or sweet. I breathed a sigh of relief after everyone responded so positively to it. Definitely bringing another Dufflet cake to our next gathering! :D

Knowing the birthday boy liked chocolate & strawberries (yeah, this is the guy who we caught once doing pull-ups while munching on chocolate covered almonds!), I started my search there. The only item at Dufflet that combined both of those things was this chocolate fudge cupcake w a strawberry buttercream. Cool! Gave it to Mark as a bonus item and he really liked it! 

After arriving home, it was time for my parents to enjoy the mini tiramisu I picked up for them! Eventually, they got around to trying it the following night. :) 

Once again, not a surprise, they loved it! (I’m definitely starting to notice this trend. Dufflet really has something special going for them with such consistency!!) Pretty presentation and the mascarpone had just enough sweetness to it. Creamy & light, my parents were very happy. :D  

Verdict? Like I said, definitely coming back for more in the future! As is always the case with good quality pastries and cakes, they don’t come cheap. But once in awhile, it’s not wrong to treat yourself or those you care about! ;D 

Check 'em out! Dufflet Pastries

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. Thank you! What a lovely review with bonus awesome photos (I had to stop myself from licking the screen) :D

    So very glad you enjoyed our desserts, hope to see you again soon! Cheers, @tourdedufflet

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