Porchetta One-year anniversary

What? Porchetta & Co. for sandwiches
Where? 825 Dundas st west (511 south from Bathurst station OR 505 west from Dundas station)
Price? ONE dollar (normally $5.95; more details later)
The skinny: Nowadays, you’ll find a lot more small shops and restaurants that focus on certain ingredients or dishes. Here, it’s all about porchetta. And it’s fantastic. More fitting: “glorious.”

I’ve been here only once before (here), too many months ago it seems. Ever since that one encounter back in March, I’ve been meaning to come back. And December 20th turned out to be the PERFECT date! I’m talking I had my last exam the night before and it’s time I ventured outdoors and celebrated with a food adventure downtown. 

My mom was free so she came with me!! She’s heard me talk about them enough times to know it’s a good thing. And then it being Porchetta & Co’s 1-year anniversary was a very lucky coincidence (or fate? I can definitely fool myself into thinking that!). 

Back to the whole “ONE dollar” deal, think one-year, one-dollar and there you go! You’ve got a sammie that’s appealing enough on it’s own just made that much more irresistible. The only condition was that it was limited one sandwich per person. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, there were also around 500 mini cupcakes made as an extra little treat for customers! 

While my mom and I ate, there was a steady stream of hungry customers popping in and out of the shop, satisfaction written all over their faces. Seriously, those porchetta sandwiches are day-makers. At around 3pm, they’d already served over 300 customers. Impressive. 

The menu is the definition of a bare bones menu: porchetta sandwich + a toppings + drinks/soup of the day + plate of porchetta. That’s it. And when you bite into a sandwich, it somehow seems like that’s all you need. Silly me. :)

My mom and I each got our own sandwich with truffle oil, parmesan, and grainy dijon. On top of that, I ordered a small soup (split pea & ham hock) to share. The soup was so homey and did not hold back in the flavour department. It was a great chunky and thick soup. It seemed pricey at first but it was totally worth it. 

All the buns come from Caldense Bakery (just down the street). Fresh, quality sourdough buns. Start with great ingredients, put in the necessary time & effort and you should be rewarded with very good food. :D Our order is filled out really quickly, in just a matter of minutes. Everyone there is so welcoming & polite!! It’s nice to know they care. 

Okay, now onto the actual Porchetta sammies. Oh yeah my mom sees the light now. I think the crunchy bits of the pork belly skin were the highlight for her. It’s just so pleasing in every way.

This sandwich, made primarily from one ingredient—porchetta (pork shoulder + prosciutto + cured pork belly) is so well thought out that you don’t miss the typical sandwich and its variations. It’s such a winner!! If you are not restricted by your diet/religion, you must come down and enjoy one of the best sammies you’ll ever have. I kid you not. 

Verdict? As it will always be with Porchetta & Co, it’s a no brainer that I’ll be returning. The only variable is who will be coming along for the ride. ;D Yep, I am a firm believer in super focused, bare-bones menus.

Check ‘em out!   Porchetta & Co.

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. as mentioned before, you need to try Meat & Bread and let us know which is better, or at least the differences between the two....Vancouver/Seattle in the near future perhaps?

  2. I'm so sad I missed this $1 event. I'll just have to live vicariously through your post! haha