It’s the end of the year, the end of the year, 2012 has ended!!! (think of the Wong Fu Weekend theme song). As always, I’ve got food on the mind so here’s a final post before the new year! From this hole-in-the-wall, you’ll find some amazing and authentic Thai dishes! Sukhothai…


tasteUS website launch

A couple weeks ago, there was a about a dozen food/produce reps and a handful of food bloggers who gathered at The Chef Upstairs for a very special event: the launch of the tasteUS website!


Lazy Sundays #3: Lime Meringues

LAZY SUNDAYS #3. Tonight is a special night. I’ve finally set time aside to bake. To me, it’s the ultimate stress-reliever. I’m not sure if I’ll be taking photos tonight, so for now, here are the lime meringues I baked a couple months ago!


Canoe wild collaboration w/ Société-Orignal

Last month, I headed to Canoe for the first time! :D I cannot tell you how excited I was. That evening, Canoe was having a special one-night collaboration dinner with Société-Orignal so that really put things over the top. I was really on the fence about writing this post because the lens I brought with me doesn’t take photos well in low light but I still wanted you to see what kind of dishes they came up with! So please bear with me photo-wise.


Lazy Sundays #2: Cranberry & Oatmeal Cookies

It’s that time of the year again. As a paddler, I’d like to call it “bulking season” before our muscular endurance phase. But in truth, it’s simply the HOLIDAYS! :D If we were bears, we’d be packing on some serious pounds in preparation for hibernation. So here is one of my favourite cookies to get you started! (recipe here).


Yakitori Bar Media Launch Party

 At the corner of Baldwin and McCaul there’s a new place to chow down at (make that two). What was initially slated to be another location of the wild wing franchise has been transformed into TWO restaurants in just 30 days. On Monday night, a bunch of us were invited down to Yakitori Bar for their media launch party.


Group of 7 Chefs ft. Matt Jennings: Dairy Dinner

The Group of 7 Chefs (@GroupOf7Chefs) is just that, 7 chefs (the chefs at events changes depending on availability) who combine their talents, love of sustainable, local, Canadian ingredients to bring us meals worth remembering. Their tastings are skillfully crafted and recently, in September they even cooked at the notable James Beard House. Next event: Hunter’s Feast ft. Jamie Bissonnette Dec 10th (yes, that’s next week!!).

Lazy Sundays #1: The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is an annual event held at the CNE grounds. This was their 90th year so there were even more special events than usual. Regular events include: a horse show, produce contests, poultry/cattle/sheep contests, the Weston Canadian Open (where you can watch professional riders perform jumps), and butter sculptures. Also, did I mention rabbit jumping?! It’s fun for the entire family and you get to appreciate Canada’s farmers and breeders’ hardwork! :D


Chef's Challenge: Cookie Battle Pre-Event

As part of a slew of pre-event events, Chef Chuck Hughes hosted a Cookie Battle to raise more money for Mount Sinai’s Chef's Challenge: TheUltimate Battle for a Cure. The final culminating event this coming Saturday, December 1st is an all-star fundraiser cooking battle between Chef Lynn Crawford, Michael Smith, Chuck Hughes, Mark McEwan and David Rocco. Hosted by Guy Fieri and Bob Blumer, this event won't disappoint! 


Review: Step Up To The Plate (Entre Les Bras)

Entre Les Bras is a culinary documentary by filmmaker Paul Lacoste. It follows the chef and owner, Michel Bras of the three-star Michelin restaurant Bras and his son, Chef Sébastien Bras, who will takeover when he retires.

Movie poster from Cinema Guild Step Up To The Plate press kit


Montreal: Garde Manger


Dinner #2 in Montreal on our Scartan ladies Montreal road trip. Oh yeah. This post is about exactly what you think. Chef Chuck Hughes’ first restaurant: Garde Manger. I’ve been pinning to come here ever since I saw the first episode of Chuck’s Day Off back in 2009. The place just looks so chill and from how deftly Chuck whips up dishes on the show, I know it’ll be good stuff.  

Montreal: L'Avenue


After a first failed attempt to eat brunch at L’Avenue (it was way too packed), we tried once more early on the morning of our last day in Montreal. Lucky for us, there was no line yet formed so we got a table immediately! L’Avenue is one of the top breakfast/brunch spots in Montreal. They’re open every day from either 7 or 8 in the morning til 10 or 11 at night. Come ‘ere for the eggs benedict and fried potatoes! :D


Montreal: Point G


  Continuing our Montreal adventures was a double trip to Point G (@boutiquepointg) for macarons! On our full day there (we went for the long weekend), we decided to discover the city (mainly through food) on Bixi bikes. Point G is touted to have one of the best macarons in Monteral. Not only do they have a regular rotation of 22 flavours, but they do seasonal ones as well. You can enjoy both classic flavours and more adventurous ones too.


Au Pied de Cochon & Rockaberry takeout!


As I wrapped up my NYC Food Trip posts last week, I shall begin the handful of ones I’ve got for the Montreal road trip I went on right after with some of the Scartan ladies! (my dragonboat team). As is customary with the team each year when we compete in Montreal, we’ll have a dinner at Au Pied De Cochon (@CabanePDC).


NYC II! Day 3: Takashi


Takashi (@takashiNYC) was to be our last dinner in New York City. For the entire trip we were looking forward to this! Compared to all our food adventures up until now, this one would probably be the most unique. The idea is that you cook the meat overtop an infrared grill (reminiscent of Korean barbecue but the Japanese version, yakiniku) and enjoy it fresh. The hōrumon (“discarded goods”) was our target.


NYC II! Day 3: Crif Dogs

As foodies, we did our “research” before embarking on our NYC food trip. That inevitably meant rewatching the New York Layover (and No Reservations) episodes…which, we’re not complaining about! In the Layover, Chef David Chang takes Anthony Bourdain to crif dogs (connected to PDT just next door) for hot dogs and the all-american favourite, tater tots dipped in gooey, melted processed cheese. 


NYC II! Day 3: momofuku ssäm bar

Naturally, after our soft serve adventure at milkbar, we crossed the street to satisfy our pork bun cravings at momofuku ssäm bar (@momofuku) (opened in 2006, #37 on San Pellegrino’s “World’s 50 best restaurant list”). Owned by Chef David Chang (@davidchang), this restaurant of the momofuku restaurant group serves as the one with rotating menu, with daily specials in addition to well-loved staples. Here, you can have the grand momofuku experience of the bo ssäm pork shoulder (6-10 people) or a whole rotisserie duck! (reservations need to be made). 


Schwartz à emporter!


What? Chez Schwartz’s à côté
Where? 3899 St-Laurent (Montreal)
Price? $6.30 (smoked meat sandwich)
Skinny: It’s almost this unspoken that Schwartz’ makes the BEST smoked meat sandwiches around. We’re talking, line-ups that top an hour during lunch time. Recently, they were bought out (partially by Céline Dion and her husband René) and a new take-out shop was added next door.


Father’s Day Tiramisu Cake!


Father’s Day, the day where you tell your dad you appreciate him, shower him with gifts (ie. paper ties, or real ones once you’ve collected enough dimes and nickels in your piggybank) and he just sits there and takes it like man.