What? WVRST for lunch
Where? 609 King Street West (streetcars from King/Bathurst/Spadina station)
Price? $10-$20
The skinny: WVRST “sausage and beer hall.” This is what you’d envision when you think of a restaurant that’s laid back, bien conçu, with a great beer selection paired perfectly with sausages and fries. Of course, sausages taken to the next level that is ;D

After a fun morning of skating at Nathan Philips Square, two of my friends and I went to WVRST (@WVRSTbeerhall) for some lunch. Just as we were leaving the rink, it started to lightly rain. Why is it raining?! It’s the END of December! :( Plus, it seems like almost every time the three of us go out to eat, it’s raining (Breizh Café, Pozzetto, Marben, and The Olde Yorke).

Here’s the front façade of WVRST. It’s unassuming but still different enough with its slate coloured brick to beckon you inside. 

From the looks of it, this could be some sort of club/lounge to those who don’t know what WVRST is. 

And then you walk into a big open hall warmly lit by what seems to be a couple of hundreds of hanging bulbs.

I love the glaring red subway tile wall. There’s the open kitchen and the bar on the other side. 

By the looks of it, this place is well-stocked for any sort of spontaneous beerfest ;D

You order up at the counter, pay (don’t forget to tip!), then seat yourselves. Your order will be brought out to you!

The beer selection is more than sufficient for the average drinker and probably for beer enthusiast as well. We were feeling a little more festive so we went for the Thornbury Apple Cider (8). We all enjoyed it. Light and refreshing, it’s a good pick-me up sort of drink on a day like today, where the weather was a little less than ideal but you’re in the company of good friends. 

Right up at the counter is the glass case displaying their sausage offerings. They’ve got the traditional sausages, poultry, and game. Wanting something unlike the usual, we all stuck to the latter. 

In addition to their unique in-house made sauces, they’ve also got the usual line-up of ketchup and mustards for the puritans out there! :D

A quick shot of the bar. Lots of brews on tap. I really like how the space is uncluttered and open. The tap labeling system is also really cool!

Then our sausages arrived! Kangaroo for the Aussie native, and two ducks for the foie gras lovers. I had a bite of the kangaroo, it was surprisingly good! It had a pleasant gamey flavour to it and it was really moist.

Duck Fat Fries (4.5 / 6.5)
Of course we ordered these! Anytime I’ve heard or read about WVRST, the duck fat fries were always mentioned as a highlight. And they did not disappoint! It comes with the choice of two dipping sauces so we went for Maple/Rosemary (so good!) and Mojito (didn’t go so well with the fries).
They even drew a cute duck on it! (Eep, though I don't want to think of myself as eating it...)

Before even the flavour registers, you’ve already popped several of these sticks in your mouth. Anything fried in duck fat is delicious. I don’t think I have to go further into my description because the photo’s staring you in the face! And you wish you can reach into your screen and pull some fries out. Yeah, that’s (secretly) my wish for 2012. ;D

Duck Sausage (9)
“Maple/Foie Gras.” Take my advice and do not get sauerkraut as a topping. After biting into the sausage, I quickly realized that the sourness of sauerkraut has no place with duck and foie gras. Besides that, this was a really good duck sausage! 

Very tender and juicy, you do taste the foie gras but it’s more in pronounced in the texture. The only thing is, I couldn’t detect much maple. :( I think more could’ve helped to bring out the foie gras but at the same time you don’t it’s sweetness to be prominent. 
Verdict: The fries were so good we were contemplating getting another order!! This is a great place to hang out, enjoy some good food that doesn’t require you to deconstruct it or try to figure out some puzzle. It’s approachable and delicious. :D

Check ‘em out!  http://wvrst.com/

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. You'll have to tried their WVRST dipping sauce, slightly spicy ♥

  2. hmm, we were wondering what the WVRST dipping sauce was. sounds good! will do that next time. Thanks! :D

  3. The fries look amazing. Always better with the skin on!