Ad Hoc at Home: Potato Pavé


I’ve been wanting to recreate Marben’s Pommes Kennedy ever since I had them that one time several months ago. I haven’t been actively searching for the recipe so it was pure luck when I chanced upon a recipe from the Ad Hoc at Home cookbook for Potato Pavé. That’s it!!! :D


Holy Chuck Burger


What? Holy Chuck Burger for lunch
Where? 1450 Yonge st (<1 min walk from St. Clair station)
Price? $10-$35
The skinny: Opened for over half a year now, Holy Chuck Burger has solidified its place near the Yonge & St. Clair corner and as a rival to The Burger’s Priest. Interesting burger names (ie. The Cowlorie, The Dirty Drunken Pig) make you want to try everything on the menu. This week, they've added several new items!


Bobbette & Belle


What? Bobbette & Belle
Where? 1121 Queen st east (501 Queen streetcar / 83 Jones from Donlands station)
Price? $2-$20 (more for wedding cakes)
The skinny: Bobbette & Belle is the artisanal bakery shop opened by Allyson Bobbitt (winner of the Canadian Wedding Industry Award for Cake Designer of the Year) and Sarah Bell (former pastry chef at Canoe). They’re known for their delicate macarons and wedding cakes.


Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Cupcakes


This year for Valentine’s Day baking, I went for a rather typical choice: red velvet cupcakes. Hey, it’s the day where you get to express your LOVE for those around you! Soak it up. :D  Last year, I baked heart-shaped meringues and they were well-received. Time to explore another recipe!
MON CHOU = "my dear"


Altitude Baking


What? Altitude Baking
Where? 1346 Queen st. east (31 from Greenwood station/ 501 Queen eastbound)
Price? $0.5-$24 (rum ball-10” cheesecake)
The skinny: This teensy neighbourhood “European style” bakery (as their website says) is open decently early in the mornings at 8 (except Sunday). You’ll find the traditional baked sweets here as well as breads, pies, and even bagels. Butter tarts are recommended.


Lemon Coconut Layer Cake


This experiment has been in the back of my mind for awhile now but it wasn’t until I saw a particular tweet that caught my eye, bringing it all into my present. The cake of the month at Dufflet (@tourdedufflet) right now is! (wait for it)….. LEMON COCONUT LAYER CAKE! Yeah, how did you know? 




What? EDO for dinner
Where? 484 Eglinton ave w
Price? $35 (Winterlicious dinner)
The skinny: EDO restaurant offers authentic traditional Japanese cuisine in midtown. The idea here is not just sushi, but also Japanese flavours “done in a contemporary style.” Also, 36-year old EDO is part of a chain including EDO-ko and EDO at the Air Canada Centre. They also do take-out.


Coconut cupcakes with 7-minute frosting


Coconut. That word alone evokes some fond memory in most, whether it was an amazing curry, getaway (pina coladas ;D ) or various desserts. I’m definitely in that group. Every time I see “coconut” in a menu, without fail I will light up. And I love cupcakes. Coconut + cupcakes = combo I haven’t touched yet, til now! :D


Magnolia Bakery’s Blueberry Muffins


As I continue amassing my fast-growing collection of cookbooks, I decided to add one of Magnolia Bakery's cookbooks to the mix. I knew I’d like it and inside would be recipes I’d actually try. Yeah, I feel so guilty about that 10-lb cookbook (yeah, no joke) that my dad bought me years back where I’ve only used 1 recipe so far.


zucca trattoria


What? Zucca Trattoria for dinner
Where? 2150 Yonge st (32 bus from Eglinton station)
Price? $35 (winterlicious dinner)
The skinny: Authentic Italian cuisine, that’s what you’ll find here starting with notable fresh pastas and a great wine list. Located midtown, this restaurant is going on their 16th year!

This is Winterlicious meal #2 but it’s my first time coming here. After reading about the great pastas here, I knew that without a doubt I’d be going for the pasta dish on the menu, whatever it happened to be.


the chefs' house


What? The chefs' house for Winterlicious lunch
Where? 215 King st east (504 King streetcar, or 5min walk from King station)
Price? $15 (Winterlicious lunch, 3 courses)
The skinny: In short, the chef’s house is the restaurant of the George Brown College Chef’s School. Student chefs hone their skills in the kitchen here while gaining in a real, dining environment.


banana cupcakes w buttercream and more banana


First post of February! I don’t think that means much…but I am inching closer to the 1-year mark of my blog! (Which is kinda cool, for me at least. It’s been a lot of eats to get to this point!) I love baked banana goods. This time, w/o enough for bread, I go with mini banana cupcakes.