Altitude Baking


What? Altitude Baking
Where? 1346 Queen st. east (31 from Greenwood station/ 501 Queen eastbound)
Price? $0.5-$24 (rum ball-10” cheesecake)
The skinny: This teensy neighbourhood “European style” bakery (as their website says) is open decently early in the mornings at 8 (except Sunday). You’ll find the traditional baked sweets here as well as breads, pies, and even bagels. Butter tarts are recommended.

I found myself with an incurable itch to venture downtown to satisfy my sweet tooth. To make it worthwhile—study time was still imperative at this point—I decided on two bakeries to hit up that are within walking distance of each other.

I know it’s hard to get the perspective in this photo, but it’s my attempt of a panoramic photo of a rather small shop. Kinda doubt you get the sense of it but trust me, 3 people in here at once would definitely feel like a crowd.

Having arrived a little before 10, I was the only one in the shop. Against my normal haste to grab and go, I held back and really looked around to catalogue what exactly I’d get. 

Having read the review on blogTO, I knew that I had to at least pick up a butter tart.

A wall mural on the way to Bobbette & Belle. Or rather, make that, across from Bobbette & Belle. :)

I waited til I got home to enjoy the spoils! :D The huge chocolate cupcake ($2.50 normally) on the review looked so delicious I was scanning for it in the display cases until I found it at the bottom, with a “1/2 price” tag in front of it. Yoink! (mine). 

Turns out, not my favourite cupcake. Not by a long shot (I’m sorry!). The “icing” was too fudge-like and dense for me. I do enjoy dense cupcakes from time to time, but that’s because they’re normally so flavour-packed and moist. This one crumbled. :( I’m guessing the shelf-life of these cupcakes aren’t as long as I thought…

Butter tart ($1.75) time! Before this one, I was a butter tart virgin. Yup, never in my life had I had one before this little guy. All my memories of seeing butter tarts are the ones they sell at grocery stores, looking at dried up and pruny. Nope, didn’t want anything to do with those. 

This is an entirely different story! I warmed it up before I tried it. Let’s just say there’s some good stuff here! Butter tart…I officially like them. 

They had 3 varieties of cookies available when I dropped by, but I’m sure it changes from day-to-day. Here’s the chocolate chip cookie ($1.50) I picked up. Regardless of the price, this is a huge cookie! 

Alright, not the best chocolate chip cookie’s I’ve ever had, but it still had its merits. Ie. there were so many chips in there but it was never too overpowering! And the texture was tender to a point but not too gooey. :D Great dough.

Last but not least, the fresh raspberry scone ($2.75). Like the other things I picked up, it’s size is also quite substantial. That seems to be the idea at Altitude Baking. If you’re gonna enjoy your food, might as well enjoy MORE of it! ;D Unfortunately I didn’t get to try even a morsel of the scone as it was ambushed by my dad before I came home that night. :( Regrettable because I heard it was good. 
Verdict? This is a neighbourhood bakery and it’s ultra low-keyness is testament to that. Their pastries seem to be winners (mmm that butter tart!) along with their prices. I know I’ll find myself in here again in the future…nibbling on a scone (before my dad gets to it!) and some tarts. Seems like the bread here is good too so that’s on the to-try list as well.

Check ‘em out! Altitude-Baking

4 out of 5 NOMs
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