banana cupcakes w buttercream and more banana


First post of February! I don’t think that means much…but I am inching closer to the 1-year mark of my blog! (Which is kinda cool, for me at least. It’s been a lot of eats to get to this point!) I love baked banana goods. This time, w/o enough for bread, I go with mini banana cupcakes. 

I’ve blogged the same recipe a few months back so I won’t retype it here. 

Dry ingredients are sifted together. Make well. Check. 

Wet ingredients are mixed together. That sounds so sloppy and looks even worse…Don’t worry, just trust that it’ll all turn out fine in the end!

Wet get mixed with the dry. Oops! Almost forgot the egg! So I try to slip it in there without anyone noticing. Wow that could've been some really cupcakes if I didn't notice the lonely white oval in at the corner of the countertop!

I decide that tonight, it’s mini-cupcakes all the way. I think this recipe makes 36? Sorry, very fuzzy memory. 

Baked, they look so cute and golden! ^_^ YUM. Fluffy and light as it should be but still unmistakably banana. 

Time to dress them up! I go with a squiggle of buttercream icing. Okay, now it doesn’t look like much. :( 

Then I added thin slices of banana and bam! Awkward pale yellow peonies with light lime green foliage? haha At least that’s an improvement from the simply green iced cupcakes! 

At the same time, as I baked the banana cupcakes, I quickly whipped up a small hot milk sponge cake. Here’s just half of the 9-inch square. I felt that cutting it into wedges would be different…not really I guess. I tried. At the end of the day, it still tastes good and satisfies my sweet tooth! 

Oh I love my cakes and pies…cookies, ice cream, sorbets all the good sweet stuff.