Bobbette & Belle


What? Bobbette & Belle
Where? 1121 Queen st east (501 Queen streetcar / 83 Jones from Donlands station)
Price? $2-$20 (more for wedding cakes)
The skinny: Bobbette & Belle is the artisanal bakery shop opened by Allyson Bobbitt (winner of the Canadian Wedding Industry Award for Cake Designer of the Year) and Sarah Bell (former pastry chef at Canoe). They’re known for their delicate macarons and wedding cakes.


This food adventure came right after my visit to Altitude Baking. I’m talking, entered Altitude Baking, picked up some goods then walked immediately over to Bobbette& Belle (@BobbetteBelle). :D


I was so enchanted by the interior! It’s absolutely charming! 

Their products span from wall-to-wall. The space is very open and there are several seating areas to enjoy their goodies. It’s so relaxing.

It’s simple, but effective and creative artwork! I especially love the two whisks in the oval frame. 

On one wall, they’ve got some packaged cookies/meringues/marshmallows ready for you to just grab and go. I went immediately for a mini tower of ginger cookies. Love them!

Then I noticed the day’s cupcake offerings. You can’t just get one! Not only would it look off but you can’t make up your mind as to which flavour to get. 

To go along with wedding cakes, they also make these mini cakes as wedding favours. Quite delicate looking I must say. 

I picked up several items. Here are the four cupcakes: raspberry, pumpkin, lemon, and red velvet. ($2.50 each)

After my eyes landed on the plate of croissant and other pastry “pains”, I had to enjoy one on the spot—while leisurely gazing outside the window. 

Reminds me of the croissant from HardouinBoulanger!! (aka so good!) It’s not as crunchy the outside, but the buttery-ness is just perfect. You know it’s an indulgence but just the right amount. ;)

When I first arrived, there weren’t any macarons out. However by the time I polished off my croissant, there they were, looking all parfait. I quickly picked up a raspberry and a pistachio macarons. 

Before leaving, I snapped a final closer-up shot of just one of the wedding cake displays. They’re all so beautiful! I would not want to be the one to cut into them. 

Time to enjoy some French macarons ($2 each?)! 

Raspberry macaron. Real, raspberry = best. And the texture of the macaron is ideal. 


Pistachio macaron. I love pistachio anything and this is one of the only pistachio macarons to have the true nut taste. I’m not sure if you’re able to see it, but there’s teensy bits of the nut inside the macaron as well. 

Oh hey there Raspberry Cupcake! Fresh raspberry buttercream on a vanilla bean cupcake.


For $2.50, it’s such an amazing cupcake! Compared to what’s out there, I’d say they could charge more for it and I’d still buy it without blinking (but I’m glad they charge such a reasonable amount). Great texture. The buttercream is heavenly!

As with the raspberry cupcake, I was set up to expect a really enjoyable red velvet cupcake. Yep, that’s what I got. 


Red Velvet Cupcake time. Now this is the kind of red hue I was hoping to achieve with mine but didn’t get. The cupcake was more moist than the raspberry. My parents aren’t too fond of anything sweet but they raved repeatedly about the buttercream! It’s so good I’m not kidding.


A more savoury option, the Pumpkin Cupcake. I was really excited to try this one because I fell in love with pumpkin last year. Growing up, I never had the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin so I never knew just how much I was missing out on! 

Two syllables: yum-my. I’d transcribe that phonetically, but I only know how to do that for French haha Yes I’m trying to put my university knowledge to work!! Délicieux = [de-li-sjø].

Last up, the Lemon Cupcake. So much anticipation for this one because I know I’m going to compare it to my own (here). I know in the buttercream comparison I’ve lost already, but I can still match up in cupcake & lemon curd!

Here it is split in three. I shared all the cupcakes between my parents and myself. It was really good. The cupcake was denser than the others and the lemon curd is bang on. (am I allowed to say that I prefer the colour of my own? :S) 

Aha!! You thought the eating was over! Silly silly you. I’ve got just a bit more pigging out to do. The “Stem Ginger Cookies.” 

They’re quite thick and moist. Quite heavy on the spicing, so that can turn people off or fully convert them. I was on the fence, but realized I loved them after I found myself immediately reaching for a second cookie. 
Verdict? To me, everything’s right here. The care with which everything’s made, the people there are welcoming, the neighbourhood’s calm, the food’s great and the bakery itself is so beautifully decorated!! Winning on all counts for me!

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  2. :D no problem! It was very delicious as im sure you've noticed haha