Holy Chuck Burger


What? Holy Chuck Burger for lunch
Where? 1450 Yonge st (<1 min walk from St. Clair station)
Price? $10-$35
The skinny: Opened for over half a year now, Holy Chuck Burger has solidified its place near the Yonge & St. Clair corner and as a rival to The Burger’s Priest. Interesting burger names (ie. The Cowlorie, The Dirty Drunken Pig) make you want to try everything on the menu. This week, they've added several new items!

I’d say that I started my reading week pretty well. I mean a food adventure to start the week? Perfect. What’s more, it was Family Day so most places were closed…with Holy Chuck Burger as one of the exceptions. :D So that made this meal even more special. 

Although super last minute, I was able to gather two others—my brother and another photography friend—willing to join me. Yep, three photographers (although it’s a bit of a stretch to describe myself) going on a food adventure. That’s a great idea!
The restaurant seats about 30 people.

Below is the Wall of Fame/Shame for the “Go Chuck Yourself” challenge where participants attempt to eat the “Go Chuck Yourself Burger” and drink a specialty shake in 6 mins. Some guy completed the challenge in a little over 3 minutes. Insanity! D:

When reading up on this place, many people mentioned the specialty shakes. There are 6 options, each sounding very attractive. I went for the Nutella & Salted Caramel shake ($5.49). It seems like a steep price but it’s worth every penny. As you can see, it’s insanely thick! It’s amazing….I’m in love.

My friend Mike got the “Grind N’ Shine” ($9.99) burger. It’s a double bacon cheeseburger with caramelized onions, a fried egg, and some crispy fries (looked more like kettle chips). It’s a variation of their signature burger, “The Holy Chuck.” I had a bite, very yummy. 

It’s sort of a messy burger to eat but I was told that the taste outweighs that. Delicious food isn’t always neat! :D 

My brother (@YungPhotography) is a tank. Long story short, his food allergy list is at least a page long but he's made peace with that. Last year, we found out that he’s also allergic to chicken and yeast. I would’ve started bawling but he manned up. :) There you go! The reason why the bun’s off to the side on his Cheeseburger (double cheeseburger, $7.99). 

I was drooling over a photo that Johnny Prassoulis (the owner) posted on twitter (@HOLYCHUCKBURGER) of a new menu item: Braised veal cheeks poutine with Foie gras and truffle oil ($24.99). I know I want to try other items on the menu, but they’ll just have to wait.

Oh man it was everything I wished for and more. Foie gras, I’ve learned, with anything is amazing. However, it’s an indulgence so I don’t have it too often. The veal cheeks have been braised for over 5 hours and it shows. Squeaky cheese curds to me are a must for any poutine. :D I was struggling to finish it since it was just so rich! (on top of the thick shake).

Hmm, I just realized that I broke my own rule for only having poutine in Quebec. Oh well. 

The beef is ground in-house daily. It goes through the grinder 3 times for "optimal fat distribution" and a very smooth texture. Reminds me of when I used to play with Play-Doh except this grown up version results in something that’s enjoyable to eat (key word: enjoyable). 

Johnny, who was able to recognize me as soon as I walked in (wow I’m so obvious with my camera haha) was so nice to us! He told us not to order dessert since he’ll prepare something for us. :D I'll love anyone who offers me dessert. haha With my brother’s nut allergies, the Nutella Lollipops were out of the question so Johnny made a funnel cake instead. Yep. All three of us busted out our cameras.

Funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and pineapple sauce. Just by the looks of it, it’s better than any other funnel cake I’ve ever had. Time to dig in!

The funnel cake was so good. Light, minimally greasy, not too sweet. Of course I’m loving its warmth contrasted with the coldness of the ice cream. I was hesitant about the pineapple sauce but it’s not too blatant and is actually makes the funnel cake even better. :D

After the late lunch at Holy Chuck Burger, I ventured back uptown for girls' night. :D I couldn't snap a photo that does it justice, but the sun was setting and I was quite entranced.

Verdict? The service is quick and everyone there is personable and really nice. It’s sort of like fast food to the next level. The prices are a bit steeper but you do get quite a lot of food. There are a lot of these “gourmet” burger shops in Toronto but Holy Chuck Burger still manages to stand out for their expanding menu.

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. It was available but I was set on trying the foie gras poutine haha ^-^