zucca trattoria


What? Zucca Trattoria for dinner
Where? 2150 Yonge st (32 bus from Eglinton station)
Price? $35 (winterlicious dinner)
The skinny: Authentic Italian cuisine, that’s what you’ll find here starting with notable fresh pastas and a great wine list. Located midtown, this restaurant is going on their 16th year!

This is Winterlicious meal #2 but it’s my first time coming here. After reading about the great pastas here, I knew that without a doubt I’d be going for the pasta dish on the menu, whatever it happened to be.

Out front, the restaurant looks pretty welcoming. The yellow screams, check us out! Come in and eat! :D

With reservations, we only had to wait a few minutes for a table to clear up. I’m starting to learn that midtown restaurants are at their busiest earlier in the evening as opposed to many restaurants downtown, which peak a little later. Just putting that out there. 

Soon after we sat down, a plate arrived. It’s some sort of flatbread? It’s called farinata (meaning “made of flour” in Italian). There’s chick pea flour, water, olive oil, rosemary and onion in there. It was really tasty! Zucca Trattoria has even got their recipe up online! I’m not a fan of olives normally but the black ones were awesome! 

Then the regular bread “basket” came. Fresh, you could smell a bit of the yeast’s earthiness (if that makes sense?) which I liked! 

(winter greens & bread soup, roasted hot cherry pepper purée, pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil). It’s pretty funny, my friend didn’t know how to describe it…”it tastes like a greens and bread soup!” Yeah, he liked it. 

insalata di arancia invernale
(sicilian orange salad with sweet onion, medjool dates, pomegranates, Belgium endive, toasted almonds). My friend didn’t comment much on this dish. All the components seem really fresh and texturally compatible. And pomegranate, how can you go wrong with a few tart pops? :D

polpettine di salsicce e castagne, scalogne arrostite
(sausage & chestnut patties, roasted shallots with cider vinegar, grilled polenta). I think this dish may have sounded better on paper. It didn’t look very appetizing when it arrived. A little too charred polenta and the patty kinda falls apart. Probably should’ve gotten the salad. 

crudo di branzino al mandarino e finocchio
(tartare of sea bass with mandarin, fennel, fresh chilli, extra virgin olive oil). My friend didn’t comment on her dish but it looks good! 

pappardelle al ragu bianco di agnello e carciofi
(wide ribbon noodles with lamb & artichoke ragu). I got this dish. Yep, they were right about the pasta, it’s made really well!! They’ve got a great bite and dressed with the olive oil, the simplicity really works. 

Thing is, I was really looking forward to a thick ragu with meaty chunks of lamb. Boo.

casoncelli di zucca con castagne, radicchio e porcini
(butternut squash ravioli with chestnuts, radicchio, porcini mushrooms, grana padano). Our server mentioned a change to this dish, instead of ravioli, the filling is in the dish, separated from the pasta. I tried a bit, YUM. I definitely prefer this dish to mine because it’s got more contrast texturally and flavour-wise too. 

tagliata di manzo, patatine arrostite, lenticchie all’uccelletto
(wine-marinated & grilled cumbrae farms hanger steak, duck-fat-roasted potatoes,
castelluccio lentils braised with tomato). Two of my friends ordered this. It’s pretty funny, we were discussing our preferred doneness when we order steak. They both mentioned medium well done (no judgment..haha) and they’re presented with a medium rare (maybe even rarer) hangar steaks. And they LOVED it. Two new converts to medium rare? Any blue takers? ;)

migliaccio in zuppetta di rabarbaro
(lemon curd, semolina & ricotta torta with spring rhubarb sauce). All three of my friends went for this dessert option. It was moist, creamy, and had a nice density that’s uncommon to cakes. 

fichi al cioccolata e mandorle, spumone di miele
(orange-plumped dried figs, roasted with almonds & tuscan chocolate, wildflower honey cream). Normally, figs at my house are used in soups. Yep, I fully know it’s a fruit but have yet to have it in a dessert let alone fresh. Well I get one of two here! 

Oh I don’t think I like fig…it has nothing to do with the prep, but the fruit itself. Maybe I’ll like it better fresh? The cream though, I really liked. So light and airy. Wildflower honey cream, magical. 

 Holy man that's a bill! But then when you take into account that it's for 4 people, it's not bad. haha $35 for 3 courses. Remember, tip well!

Verdict? The service was very attentive and had we decided to order wine, Zucca Trattoria has a sommelier. I think in the future, if I go back, I’d try out the pasta tasting/prix fixe menu. I think that’d be a fun adventure. :D

4 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. Have never consider this place... but everything look quite pretty here =D

    And yes I like my stead blue =P

  2. haha you're one of the adventurous types! :D
    yep, i never thought about it either until my friend brought mentioned this place.