Sushi Kai


What? Sushi Kai for dinner
Where? 168 Eglinton ave e (5 min walk from Eglinton station)
Price? $15 for $35 (from deal of the day)
The skinny: Sushi Kai is a small sushi joint in Midtown Toronto. They’ve got the usual rolls and a few “Chef’s Specials.” Often featured on those coupon/deal sites. 


Chocolate Chip Cookies (David Leibovitz)


Chocolate chip cookies are the epitome of a classic cookie. It’s probably the first cookie that you were introduced to as a child (along with the digestives) and you have fond memories of munching on them with a tall glass of milk, watching Sesame Street. COOKIE MONSTER!!!




What? Acadia for dinner
Where? 50C Clinton st (506 College streetcar)
Price? $39 (7-course tasting)
The skinny: Acadia is one of THE places to go eat in Toronto right now. Chef Matt Blondin creates dishes that are as they are delicious as they are unique in presentation. Cue the good cocktails/drinks (cocktail master Benjamin Deacon) + great atmosphere = winning meals.


St. Lawrence Market: Buster's Sea Cove


What? Buster’s Sea Cove
Where? St. Lawrence Market (5 min walk from King station)
Price? $9-$15
The skinny: Buster’s Sea Cove is a St. Lawrence Market landmark. Owner Tom Antomarakis serves up fresh fish fast. Think Atlantic salmon, calamari, swordfish, shrimp and more.


Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


I’ve baked carrot cupcakes several times before (once with maple cream cheese frosting), but this time, I’m testing out a new recipe. There are some differences so I thought it merited a test-drive. 



Rhubarb Upside Down Cake


This past weekend I ventured to the St. Lawrence Market for the first time. Yep, I love food and have yet to go to Toronto’s most      popular food market. I thought I’d leave with just duck fat but clearly I was being naïve. Here’s the cake I made using the rhubarb stalks I picked up! (another first). 




What? Aravind for brunch
Where? 596 Danforth ave (1 min walk from Pape station)
Price? $10-$20
The skinny: Aravind is a South Indian restaurant in Greektown. Owner Aravind Kozhikott’s dad, Raj is the chef and presents Indian cuisine with Canadian influences and ingredients. High-quality Indian cuisine isn’t so prevalent yet in Toronto but with Aravind and the Amaya (& spin-offs), change is coming!


Leslieville Cheese Market


What? Leslieville Cheese Market for a snack
Where? 541 Queen st w (accessible by 501 / 511 / 510 streetcars)
Price? $7-$12
The skinny: “Leslieville Cheese Market & Fine Foods” has three locations selling great cheeses as well as cured meats and some breads too. They offer Cheese & Wine classes and they cater as well.


Come And Get It!


What? Come and get it for late lunch
Where? 170 Spadina Ave (510 Spadina south // 501 Queen east streetcars)
Price? $8-$10
The skinny: The premise is simple—come and get it! (before we’re replaced with condos in “x” number of weeks/months. The menu, also very straightforward with a poutine, salad and sandwich option for different “filling” combinations including chipotle beef short rib and Hawaiian pork belly. There’s a vegetarian option too.


Table 17 (w/ DiningDateNight)


What? Table 17 for dinner
Where? 782 Queen st e (504 streetcar from Broadview station)
Price? $35-$65
The skinny: Table 17 is an inviting restaurant in Leslieville. Local ingredients paired with “European preparation techniques,” they earned top spot in for “Diners’ Choice” on OpenTable for 2011. Check out the Sunday table d’hôte menu (3 courses for $32)--also BYOW w/ no corkage fee day!


The Black Hoof // 1-year anniversary


The Smoked Sweetbreads
What? The Black Hoof for dinner
Where? 928 Dundas st w (505 Dundas east streetcar)
Price? $30-$60
The skinny: This is probably THE place to go for a stout-to-tail meal in Toronto. Owner Jenn Agg and (ex-owner) Grant van Gameren opened this not-for-the-feint-of-heart restaurant a little over 3 years ago. Highly notable charcuterie and “odd” cuts normally overlooked are staples of this always packed restaurant.