Come And Get It!


What? Come and get it for late lunch
Where? 170 Spadina Ave (510 Spadina south // 501 Queen east streetcars)
Price? $8-$10
The skinny: The premise is simple—come and get it! (before we’re replaced with condos in “x” number of weeks/months. The menu, also very straightforward with a poutine, salad and sandwich option for different “filling” combinations including chipotle beef short rib and Hawaiian pork belly. There’s a vegetarian option too.

The buzz surrounding this place is really up there. My boyfriend and I quickly made a stop here after our grilled cheese sandwiches at Leslieville Cheese Market and before horse tartare (and lots of other goodies) at The Black Hoof. Oh yeah we could barely move after all that food! 

I guess you can call this place “hipster.” I love the graffiti art as the sign. You don’t notice it at first but then when you do see it, it’s sort of like “hah. Cool!” <-- wow, very eloquent there Carmen!


Inside, the walls are all painted a deep magenta and neon seems to be the name of the game (colour-scheme wise) with the cyan and yellow too. Very simple ordering process,: step one/two. Choose your delivery system for the flavour combinations.

We only ordered one item to share: the Hawaiian Pork Belly Sandwich ($8). It was quick amazing. 

This is one crunchy sandwich and I loved it!! Victor said this was one of the best sandwiches he’s ever had and probably his favourite place that I’ve taken him to so far. :D 

One final photo: love the condiments/napkin containers. They’re old lunchboxes!! And there are Jughead/Archie comics in them too. 

Verdict: This place is very chill, the food’s really good and the service is quick. Although we didn’t take advantage of this, they’ve got wi-fi and a Nintendo 64 system (yay for childhood nostalgia). What’s not to like? Other than the fact that it’s a pop-up shop… Well, all the more reason to head over there NOW! :D

Check ‘em out! @ComeAndGetIt416

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. I was passing by just this weekend and was wondering if it was any good... now I'll have to go =P Yummmm, pork belly

  2. Yummm is right! haha When I went, the guy (i didnt get his name D:) out front mentioned that they were out of the chicken so maybe that's also a popular choice?

  3. you should try out the poutine next time, it was honestly one of the best I've had. SO GOOD!

  4. I wanted to! But then we were heading to Black Hoof after so we didn't want to load up too much beforehand haha :D But for sure, next time. Thanks Mary!