Leslieville Cheese Market


What? Leslieville Cheese Market for a snack
Where? 541 Queen st w (accessible by 501 / 511 / 510 streetcars)
Price? $7-$12
The skinny: “Leslieville Cheese Market & Fine Foods” has three locations selling great cheeses as well as cured meats and some breads too. They offer Cheese & Wine classes and they cater as well.

Victor and I made a quick stop at the queen west LeslievilleCheese Market  (@CheeseMarket) location before more eats at Come and Get It and TheBlack Hoof. The shop is really narrow and it’s packed with a lot of foods. Yep, that single day was definitely a food day. 

On top of the many varieties of cheeses, there are loads of prepared foods (for those lazy that’s that you don’t want to go out or cook) and cured meats. 

We came here for the grilled cheese sandwiches. They’re pre-made and chilled. When you put in your order, they put it in the press, 5 minutes later, bam! Cheesy gooey crunchy goodness. 

I got the “aged white cheddar & bacon” sandwich. The cheddar, being aged, makes the whole sandwich. It’s quite heavy and filling so $7 ain’t too bad. 

My boyfriend got “The Classic Muenster”. Inside is aged cheddar and Dijon mustard. He really liked it. The key is to eat any grilled cheese sandwich fresh. Otherwise, the bread will get soggy. Hence the two of us standing in the shop, chomping away . :D 

I thought this was really cute! They’ve got these little stuffed animal mice everywhere. And then there’s the aerosol can of Easy Cheese. 
Verdict: I came here for the grilled cheese sandwiches. I didn’t try to mainstay of this place but I was satisfied. Just as we were leaving, I noticed that they’ve got bagels from Montreal! Or were they simply Montreal-style bagels? Hmm…

4.5 out of 5 NOMs
(they're not on urbanspoon) :(