St. Lawrence Market: Buster's Sea Cove


What? Buster’s Sea Cove
Where? St. Lawrence Market (5 min walk from King station)
Price? $9-$15
The skinny: Buster’s Sea Cove is a St. Lawrence Market landmark. Owner Tom Antomarakis serves up fresh fish fast. Think Atlantic salmon, calamari, swordfish, shrimp and more.

As I mentioned in my Rhubarb Upside Down Cake post, this was my first time going to St. Lawrence Market. It’s been a long time coming so I’m excited. My friend mentioned there’s a vendor there selling duck fat (I knew that I’ll be picking some of that up!).

There’s so much here! I may or may not have been like a kid in a candystore. :D Just a little. CHEESE!!!! Luckily, the two friends I went with were patient and interested enough in checking things out too. 

I was gonna go for the pasta since a family friend raved about its freshness but one of my friends said I had to try Buster’s Sea Cove. Bins of fresh seafood. Down in the bottom right photo are crab cakes ready to be deep fried. 

Me, I went for the Grilled Swordfish ($12.95) with fries (+ $1.25). It’s been awhile since I’ve had such fresh fish. Grilled perfectly it’s simple and that’s exactly how I wanted it. No extravagant sauce (not this time at least ;D). I love the curly fries but I prefer the onion rings; the batter was light. 

One of my friends went for the Crab Cakes Sandwich ($8.95). He was raving about it. The red pepper in the crab cakes really boosted the flavour. Also, it was freshly deep fried meaning crispy crust (but not soggy). 

Seriously, there’s everything here! I’m sort of glad we came a little later in the afternoon so we (well, more like I) had some sort of time limit. haha I could easily wander around all day. 

There’s a lower level with vendors selling fresh produce, flowers, some canned goods, bulk items, breads and chocolate. Even jewelry and clothes. I left with cream of coconut, basil, rhubarb and asparagus. It’s not exactly cheaper than elsewhere but you’ll find a pretty decent variety here. :D

One of the bakeries has even got Dufflet (my post here) products! I was so tempted to get a cupcake but was still pretty full from our late lunch. (It’s so filling!)

As we were leaving, a lady wanted to make a quick run inside for bread. Animals aren’t allowed inside so we watched her two dogs for a few minutes. They were so cute! The one on the right was so energetic…should’ve taken them both home with me haha. 

The famous Flatiron Building, the Godderham Building at the Wellington, Front, Church intersection. It’s 120-years old! 

Verdict? I’m coming back. It’s as simple as that. Anyone know if the chowder’s worth it? :D Slash any recommendations of other things to try on the menu?

5 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. grilled swordfish sandwhich is good = D and so is the red snapper sandwhich, lots of fish in a light simple batter very tasty stuff

  2. Thanks for the tips! :D My other friend got the grilled swordfish sandwich. I was intimidated by the hasty service but they're just really efficient!

  3. I second the grilled swordfish in sandwich form... so good!

  4. I will keep that in mind. Thanks Jess! :D