Sushi Kai


What? Sushi Kai for dinner
Where? 168 Eglinton ave e (5 min walk from Eglinton station)
Price? $15 for $35 (from deal of the day)
The skinny: Sushi Kai is a small sushi joint in Midtown Toronto. They’ve got the usual rolls and a few “Chef’s Specials.” Often featured on those coupon/deal sites. 

It’s useless to hide the fact that 90% of us peruse the deals on those daily discount coupon sites, “for $20 you get $55!” You know you’ve all bought a “groupon” (or five) on impulse. We’ve all done that. This was one of those times.

A year later and a couple of days before it expired, I figured I should redeem my Sushi Kai $15 for $35 coupon so my money doesn’t go to waste. Problem was, I decided to go on a whim and didn’t feel it right to ask if anyone wanted to come too. 

The idea was hatched to order $35-ish worth of food, eat what I could and pack up the rest for my parents. I must’ve looked like such a pig ordering all that food!! D: Here’s the typical salad + miso soup to start. 

I sat by myself in the back at the bar…partly to avoid any awkward looks from the other diners (who were all obviously using their coupons too) and to not look like such a loner.

Sushi Pizza with Salmon ($8.99)
Looks pretty good. I got all my food probably within 10 min which is surprisingly fast but then again, it was only 5:30. Good crunch on the rice “pizza” and it wasn’t greasy at all. The salmon, when I was able to taste it, was decent. 

Now I understand that you’ll have various sauces drizzled but this was way too much! It masked the salmon (maybe that was the point?!) and I honestly didn’t think it was needed. Kinda ruined the dish for me.

Rainbow Roll ($9.99)
I didn’t even touch this roll. Brought it home to my parents. My mom said the rice was done well. I found it funny that she couldn’t comment on the fish. The presentation, as you can see, isn’t the greatest. 

Maki Set ($12.99)
This set had 6 pcs California roll, 6 pcs Tuna roll and 6 pcs Salmon roll. Again, didn’t eat any. From the looks of it, nothing special. 

Verdict: The food was nothing spectacular. I found it off-putting that they had rolls of salmon and tuna maki just sitting on a plate, waiting to be used as sort of “filler pieces.” Sushi should be in-your-face fresh! Their regular menu is a bit overpriced and even though they frequently have online coupon deals, I doubt I'd go back

3 out of 5 NOMs
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