Table 17 (w/ DiningDateNight)


What? Table 17 for dinner
Where? 782 Queen st e (504 streetcar from Broadview station)
Price? $35-$65
The skinny: Table 17 is an inviting restaurant in Leslieville. Local ingredients paired with “European preparation techniques,” they earned top spot in for “Diners’ Choice” on OpenTable for 2011. Check out the Sunday table d’hôte menu (3 courses for $32)--also BYOW w/ no corkage fee day!

Table 17 is so active on twitter (@table 17) and that sort of connectivity makes them even more approachable. They’re one of the featured restaurants on DiningDateNight so you have zero excuse not to go! P.S. If you haven’t signed up with them yet and started saving on your bills, do so now! 
I love how they've got that centre "island" ! They had bread, olive oil and extra table settings there.

The menu’s a one-pager but don’t be fooled! You’ll probably have trouble like us trying to decide what to get. Dave was awesome enough to bring over a copy of the menu (with some added descriptions) for me to take him! He totally knew about my horrible memory. :D

The bar is pretty well-stocked. I heard they make some mean drinks but I wasn’t in the mood that evening and neither were my friends. On the right you’ll see their iconic rooster.

There are two dining areas, we were in the one beside the bar. To start, bread and olive oil. The bread wasn’t spectacular but I really enjoyed the olive oil! It was so earthy and in a way, full-bodied?

I think amazing friends/great company is the key to having a perfect meal. If they’re open to trying new things or whatever may come, then you’ll have fun. Vickie and Jon are two of my closest friends so it’s always great to catch up over a good meal! :D

Hot Balls (7/12)
We got the larger size and were not disappointed. You’ll probably read about these little guys if you look up any Table 17 review. Every taste bud is satisfied after you’ve tasted all three. Each ball is accompanied by a different sauce. 

Arancino (mushroom & Fontina stuffed risotto with homemade tomato sauce)
Goat Cheese (w/ wildflower honey)
Arancino (spiced lamb stuffed risotto with sweet mint sauce)

Vickie was apprehensive of the “sweet mint sauce” but it went so well with its paired arancino! It makes sense considering lamb + mint = dynamite combo. 

Any dining experience is a combination of elements—from the service to your company, from the food to the décor. As I’m always snapping photos, I notice lights right away. Light fixtures at restaurants are usually so unique!! :D It’s fun to notice the little details the owners have taken care to enhance the experience. 

Time for our mains!

Steak Frites (21)
This is such an iconic French bistro dish so it can get boring. But done well, it’s fabulous, like it was here! The mayo is house-made—so creamy and the lemon adds such a nice zing. You’ve gotta add the chimichurri (2). It’s really worth it. My friend really liked this dish. 

Beef Short Ribs (26)
(“slowly braised w/ red wine & served with parsnip puree, confit cippolini and roasted winter vegetables”). This is the dish that they submitted to the Dish Duel competition. Unfortunately it lost to L.A.B’s offering but I still think this dish was a winner all the same. 

The meat just falls off the bone and everything, all the flavours just went together so well! I’ve never had parsnip purée before and I really liked it! Compared to potato purée which is more of a blank canvas in terms of flavour, the parsnip is something in itself…reminds me a little bit of horseradish.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts (6)
(“with bacon vinaigrette”). We were steered to order this side and it was a great recommendation! None of us were big brussel sprouts fans but after the first bite we were converted haha. I know this may sound weird, but this side dish really is a must!

Steelhead Trout (25)
(“roasted cauliflower, fried capers, Pernod soaked currants, Taggiasca olives and cauliflower purée”). You’ll notice that I’ll include the dish descriptions. That’s because it helps to show, even just a little, just how much prep and work goes into a single dish. It’s not easy to wrap your head around paying $50 for a meal but if you know the time and skill, the food costs involved, maybe you’ll give it a try! (*coughcough Dad!*) 

Dessert time!

Caramel Coffee Cake (8)
(hazelnut brittle, caramel pudding, lime whip). The “lime whip” really caught my attention. I thought it was a great idea and will perhaps be incorporating that into a dessert or two of mine later on. 

The coffee cake was very spongy and light. It would’ve tasted very ordinary on its own.  However, with the three surrounding elements, it really bumped it up. I wish the hazelnut brittle pieces were larger! :D 

Honey and Pistachio Tart (8)
(cardammon crème anglaise). On the fence about this one, Dave came to the rescue once again by confirming it as a dessert that we need to try. Totally a winner. The pistachios with the honey, indulgent. 

And then there’s the tart crust itself, so buttery! I loved it!! I can probably say that although I was pretty satisfied, I could’ve gotten one to go and enjoyed it on the subway ride home. 

We saved over $30! :D DiningDateNight is a program where you can make reservations at one of the restaurants listed for a $10 reservation fee but you'll get a 30% on the entire bill, drinks included. That's a great deal!

Downtown Toronto can be very serene at night. :)
Verdict: I’m so glad that we came here! My friends and I enjoyed everything (food, service, vibe, everything!). I’m itching to come back for the Table d’Hôte menu some Sunday in the future…

Check 'em out!  http://table17.ca/

5 out of 5 NOMS
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