Marty's Cheesecake


Who doesn’t love cheesecake?! Rhetorical question because I don’t see how anyone can turn down the creamy richness that is cheesecake. If you don’t like this dessert, I truly believe that you just didn’t get your perfect slice yet. ;D 


DOLCE gelato


What? DOLCE for gelato
Where? 414 Danforth ave (steps from Chester station)
Price? $3.75-6.75
The skinny: Dolce is well-known for their gelato and with both classic and bold flavours, you really can’t go wrong! Plus, if you can’t pick from their 40ish flavours available, you can test them until you’re satisfied! (don’t go all crazy though…)




What? Messini’s
Where? 445 Danforth ave (1 min walk from Chester station)
Price? $5-15
The skinny: Long story short, owner Marino Dafnas’ restaurant Messini Authentic Gyros serves up probably the BEST gyros in Toronto. Located in the heart of Greektown, you’ll always find this place busy. To skip the line, order a gyro to go! ;D I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


Fin Izakaya


What? Fin Izakaya for dinner
Where? 55 Eglinton ave E (2 min walk from Eglinton station)
Price? $25-$45
The skinny: Everyone knows about Guu by now, the most popular izakaya in Toronto. But you have to take note of the other ones around town, such as Fin Izakaya—a very relaxed place to enjoy drinks and food post-work. Located midtown, they boast not only authentic Japanese fare, but also free parking (during dinner)! ;)


Guu Sakabar (with parents!)


What? Guu Sakabar
Where? 559 Bloor st. w (2 min walk from Bathurst station)
Price? $20-40/person (depends on hunger lvl)
The skinny: It’s not easy for a restaurant to live up to its hype, especially if they open multiple locations. Well, Guu has done just that and just keeps getting more and more popular. Come here for the infectious (loud) atmosphere, large mugs of Sapporo, and Japanese “tapas” w/ a twist!


Backlit: Art, Reframed


I’m 99% sure you’re all wondering, “hold on…what’s ‘Backlit’?” Well, it’s the senior seminar event organized by senior arts management students from UTSC (University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus <-- don’t get it twisted, we’re just as cool as the St. George campus!).


Green Tea Pistachio Macarons


Time for some more macarons! This is my second attempt at the same recipe as last time (grapefruit macaron). Macarons, the epitome of French confection. Mad complicated and tricky to make, but infinitely variable in terms of flavours.  


Death Row Meals: Olde Hunters Feast II


Death Row Meals (Supper Club) is an organization created a year ago by two food lovers, Joel Solish and Chef Trish Gill (of Beast restaurant) where the concept is to bring people together to experience food in “an elevated dining experience based on the principles of a last meal on earth and the perfect plate”. Genius. 
The venue this time? Beast restaurant (96 Tecumseth st)


Grapefruit Macarons


I love macarons! I haven’t had that many compared to some, but I’m a goner when I see pretty looking ones in a display case at a pâtisserie (ie. La Bamboche). Here’s me trying grapefruit macarons. 
Yes I know I've got major room for improvement! The taste was good though..;)

My friend was having an end of the year potluck in his French class (YES to people pursuing French! C’est une langue tellement belle qui devrait être connue par chaque Canadien. ;D) and he asked me if I wanted to help him concoct a “dessert". I’m game.


La Bamboche


What? La Bamboche for macarons
Where? 4 Manor Rd. E (5 min walk from Eglinton station)
Price? $2.75/macaron (changed now)
The skinny: La Bamboche with its two locations (midtown at Manor rd and at Avenue rd), was opened in 2005. It’s a pâtisserie that’s quite well known for their (classic and imaginative) macarons, croissants, and Japanese inspired cakes.